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High Five for Friday


Choosing favorite things from this past week was a breeze… except for the narrowing it down to 5 part. There were so many favorites from this week!

1. The tour I took to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles! I made a new friend on the walk uphill, and got to see the sign super-close up!


2. Acting a fool in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It was fun.


3. A delicious veggie burger from Kitchen 24 in LA! Seriously, I’m craving one now!

4. Coming home to one excited & sweet puppy.

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 12.07.15 PM

5. A blog signature thanks to Design Eat Repeat!!! Mel is sooo talented with graphic design and I highly suggest that you check her blog out!


blog signature

Also, this is my first time linking up with Lauren although I’ve been reading her blog for months! 🙂



An Afternoon in Central Park


Did I catch you off guard with that title? Were you thinking perhaps I was magically in New York City perusing the sidewalks of THE Central Park? Sorry for the befuddlement 😉

Durham Central Park

No, I’m talking about the Durham Central Park. Home of the Durham Farmer’s Market, various Food Truck Rodeos, and there’s even a skate little park!

The only times I had ever really been to this area of downtown was for the Farmer’s Markets this past summer. Sure, I had photographed the “Durham Central Park” painting on the brick (that I adore), but I had never walked around without a purpose (like trying to find which stand was selling the most colorful flowers/tomatoes/peppers!). Actually, that’s a semi-lie: there was a purpose in going downtown on Friday… it involved fulfilling a requirement for AmeriCorps but that’s another story. Read the rest of this entry

September in Review


Adios September, Hola October!

Whew, the month of September FLEW by. Already, fall has made its presence known in the great state of North Carolina, and I couldn’t be happier. I really love fall.

It seems like I didn’t blog much during September. Well, not many memorable posts at least. Here’s what I got for ya, plus lots of cell phone pictures 😉

I blogged about the wreck my family and I were in. 

September 11 – Remembering

Three “new” restaurants I’ve discovered in Durham!

a slice from Lilly’s

Read the rest of this entry

Hey Guess What


Hey guess what?!

((AKA random tidbits about my life currently. AKA most boring post ever.))

– I went to Target yesterday to buy floss. The one time I don’t have it in my purse or at work, is when I need it. Go figure.

– While at Target, I splurged on coffee. AKA I spent about $4 on it. Dang it, Starbucks and your pumpkin flavored drinks.

– My mom finally got a new car since hers was totaled nearly a month ago. Oh, and Padre is still undergoing different tests to find out what happened/if anything is wrong.

– Did you know I’m training for the Color Me Rad 5K that’s a month from today?! Well yeah, I am. And not doing a very good job of training seriously. I’ve been trying to run every other day, but once I get to the point where my breathing is staggered and rough, I stop and take a walking break. Clearly, I don’t want to walk during the race. Any tips on how to train? ((PS. If you want to sign up, do so soon before prices go up!)) Read the rest of this entry

Three “New” Restaurants


Everyday I learn something new about Durham. Whether it’s a new statistic (like 20% of Durham residents are functionally illiterate), a new “business” (like Bull City Yoga!), or a new place to grab some food, I am always astounded at how I did not know about that fact/place before. In the past three weeks, I’ve tried three new (to me) places and I want to share them with you! 🙂

NANATACO with their $5 Margaritas everyday, is sure to draw a crowd… especially on Friday night! I went with Britt, and the line was literally out the door. Luckily though, by the time we ordered, we were able to snag a small table for two!

Menu: Lots to choose from! Basically you choose what you want (tacos, nachos, burrito, quesadilla, etc) then you choose the meat. One of their options for meat was duck! They offer veggie options too so don’t let that scare you away! A handful of chips is served with each meal, but next time I will definitely order some chips to go with whatever I order. There’s a small salsa bar with a few options, so it was nice to get free salsa to add to my tacos! I played it safe and got 3 chicken tacos, and the flavor was really good! They have sides of rice or beans, which is an easy, tasty addition to any meal.

Price: Everything was reasonably priced, in my cheap opinion. I got 3 tacos, some chips, and a water for under $10 on a Friday night out with a friend. Score. Read the rest of this entry

Friday Favorites


This weekly post takes so much time for me. Throughout the week I’m constantly emailing links to news stories/videos/stores to myself, then Friday morning I try to weed through them and pick my absolute favorites to share. It’s a tough job, y’all 😉

Summer Veggie Flatbread recipe: found here. Mmmm. (This is one of my favorite food blogs, by the way!)

I’m the nurse in your famous shot: from Letters of Note.

Seriously loving these city prints from Loosepetals on etsy. Too bad there’s no Durham, NC. They need to get on that pronto.

If I planned a Dr. Seuss party, would you come?

I’ve never seen “Dirty Dancing”, but it was filmed at Lake Lure in Western NC! This weekend is the 25th anniversary, and there’s a festival tonight at Lake Lure. How could would it be to watch the movie lakeside where it was filmed?! If I started driving now, I could make it there in time… 😉 Read the rest of this entry

Friday Favorites


I welcome change, and despite my strong urge to sit and simply type about everything going on in my life right now… all the ups and downs… I’m going to keep up with the regular Friday post: news stories and other fun things I’ve found online this week.

:: The Best of North Carolina State Parks.  I’m sad to say I’ve been to none. Exploring my own state is a must!

:: What are the most important needs in your life??? The 7 Greatest Human Needs. Which ones could you live without?

:: This recipe (and picture!) for Stuffed Caprese Bites has my mouth watering this morning. Umm, adding this to my “Things to Make” list for the weekend!

:: This pin makes me laugh. It’s such a true name!

:: Article: 11 Nonprofits that Excel at Social Media. I wish I knew more about marketing and social media because maybe someday I will work for a nonprofit.

:: An infographic about London hosting the Olympics!

:: Team USA’s 83 point win over Nigeria in basketball. Impressive, but was that really necessary? I didn’t see the game so I can’t really judge it, but still…

:: The Cow Parade is coming to NC! And I might be a volunteer. #nerd

:: An Ode to Watermelon. Yum

:: Duke divers Abby Johnston and Nick McCrory won medals at the Olympics! It’s been in the news a lot around here 🙂

:: Pluck-buffet was the word of the day yesterday. Extremely random.

:: Thanks to this post, camping in a redwood national park is on my bucket list. Anyone want to join me?

:: Evan Longoria has been on rehab assignment with the Durham Bulls the past few games, and he was in Durham last night! I had friends that were able to go, and I must say that I am was a little jealous 😉

:: How 1-minute intervals can improve your health. I love me some HIIT workouts. Super fast and effective.

:: Some inspirational quotes from Olympians past and present.

:: What’s your yogi name? Mine is Raja Mountain Rainstorm! I like it! 🙂

:: Wedding season singleness. Anyone else suffer from this? ;p

:: Buttermilk is such a cutie!


Look for all the little blessings in your life today. I know I am. Our AC is out and my friend is now in Heaven with Jesus, but I’ve been finding little things that have made me smile this morning… the man who let me in front of him on the bus this morning, holding the elevator for a stranger… Don’t let your circumstances get you down. Live life to the fullest.