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Top 12 in 2012


There is no way I could possibly end this year without a round-up or list of some kind. It’s no surprise that I love lists. With my forgetful nature it’s imperative that I have some sort of ongoing list on the back of an envelope with my enclosed bank statement (true story) whether it be a grocery list, my infamous mile-long to-do lists, or a list of blogging ideas. I am a list maker.

So without further adieu, I give you my top 12 from 2012: a random concoction of top memories, moments, images that stick out in my mind as being associated with this year.

12. Living in Durham

To the outsider, Durham may seem “ghetto” or “sketchy” or whatever other adjectives you might attribute to my city. But, to the insider and a Durham native her whole life, it’s a pretty great place to live. This year living back in Durham after college has been adventurous & interesting, to say the least. I’ve learned a lot about my hometown and explored new places, even started a new job in Durham. I wouldn’t trade this city for anything. 2012 has been fun, Durham, let’s see what 2013 has in store!

11. Turner Classic Movies

It sounds silly, but this year has been a great year because I’ve been able to watch TCM! I didn’t get the channel in college, and I had missed out on so many good old movies. This year, I’ve definitely upped my old movie watching and even started tweeting during some films, using the hashtag #TCMParty. It’s been so fun talking with other classic film lovers and learning all sorts of new facts about actors, directors, & films!

10. The Durham Bulls

I would be terribly remiss to post about my year and not include the Durham Bulls in some way or another. So many of my spring & summer memories involve a baseball game, or being around the ballpark. I’ve lost track of how many “girl’s nights” were had at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park with dinner before at Tobacco Road, Tyler’s, or Mellow Mushroom… how many bags of peanuts I purchased and devoured… how many tweets I tweeted to @DurhamBulls… how many parking passes I had in my car from parking before games. 2012 will be remembered as the year I learned to love the Durham Bulls all over again.


9. Summit Church

After years of hearing great things about this body of believers, I finally visited one Sunday back in April. That church is huge, and despite my introvertedness, I have enjoyed going back and blending in amidst everyone. Each time I go, I learn so much. I can’t really describe it or put into words how thankful I am for a church like that and strong leader JD Greear. His messages challenge me, make me want to be a better follower of Christ, and make me long to serve overseas. All in all, The Summit has made a huge impact on my life in 2012.

8. Volunteering as a literacy tutor

This has definitely been one of the highlights of my year, possibly even my life. Giving someone the gift of literacy, who has gone their whole life without being able to read something as simple as a menu, is so rewarding and fun! Sure, it’s been challenging on both ends, but I think my student would agree that this year has been a huge blessing and learning experience! After all, he did read his first book ever just a few months ago!

I highly urge you to volunteer somewhere and make a difference in someone’s life! If you’re in the Durham area, let me know- I have a great place for you to volunteer! 😉  (shameless plug)

7. Live Music

As I’ve said before, there’s nothing more magical to me than live music. Ok, Disney ranks up there with magical, but I simply love live music. This year I got to see a few artists/groups in concert, and it was great! Jessie Baylin, The Fray, Lucius, and Milo Greene. Plus, every Sunday at church is like a mini-concert with the awesome worship music! 🙂




Isaac on the keys



6. The NC Cow Parade

No, I’m not crazy. If you live in the Triangle area, you should have heard of the Cow Parade by now. If not, read about it here. I got to “meet” a few of these incredibly creative cows in and around the Durham area while they were in town. I think it’s so cool that something so big can be associated with my city this year!


the Burt’s Bees cow!

5. Maximus Decimus Meridius AKA the puppy we call Max.

Gifted to Mom for Mother’s Day, this little fella has brought so much love, so many smiles, and lots of memories to our family. I love coming downstairs in the mornings to his sleepy self, and coming home in the evenings to a hyperactive puppy… it’s hilarious how excited he gets to see his family!


November 2012


July 2012

4. Cancer

This year, I was reminded just how much I want to kick cancer in the rear. I lost two dear souls to that horrible disease, and it breaks my heart thinking of how many other lives were lost to cancer this year. I know both of my loved ones are now with their Savior, but I wonder how many others are assured that their loved one with Him?

In honor and memory of my loved ones who lost their lives to cancer, I donate platelets as often as I can. It’s something so simple and easy, yet it can save someone’s life!

3. Disney World

I think everyone can agree that Disney is just so magical that it makes them feel like a kid. Disney truly was magical this past March as my crazy family paraded the streets of the theme parks, rode rides, and took too many pictures.


2. My California Trip!

Clearly I have been way too eager and excited to visit the West Coast for the past few months, but this was the year that dream became a reality! I have SO many pictures and stories to share about the trip, and if you can’t wait for my dozens of recap posts, feel free to follow me on twitter and read my tweets from the trip!


1. Blogging!

Typical answer for a blogger, yes, but I have loved keeping track of my life with this blog, and finding other bloggers in my area! It’s been fun “meeting” other bloggers and I enjoy reading blogs as much as I enjoy blogging. Let’s see what the next year holds in store for me & this blog! 🙂


A Year Ago Today


Clearly I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing lately… especially after that “A Year Ago Tonight…” post on Wednesday. Can you really blame me? A year has passed since a few important events, and I’ve been doing my best to remember those special times in my life.

A year ago today was Thursday, December 8, 2011. My college graduation day.

Family and I had driven the 4-hours to SC the day before, and had spent the evening at dinner with friends, walking around downtown Greenville, and figuring out what I was going to wear the next day. (Yeah, I hadn’t decided on my graduation outfit until the night before. Typical girl.)

I woke up Thursday morning around 8:00. My parents were all excited, saying, “it’s your graduation day!!!” and my grandpa proceeded to tell me how he had known this day would come because I was such a “smart girl.” I smiled and tried to keep my cool, but honestly, I was extremely nervous about graduation. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled that it was a smaller group of graduates than the Spring commencement, but I was nervous about walking across the stage, smiling, hugging the president, not tripping, etc. My stomach was in knots. 

Just the thought of food made me feel nauseous. Graduation wasn’t for another few hours, but I didn’t think I could eat anything without getting sick. (My body is so weird when it comes to being nervous.) I managed to drink some sweet tea and a few pinches off a butter biscuit, but even that was too much. Argh, nerves.

We drove to campus and my parents helped me figure out my gown and the hood. Can I just say that wearing a cap and gown is awkward? Because to me, it really is. Who looks good in those things, anyways?! I handed them my phone after ensuring it was on silent, and put on one last touch-up of lipgloss.

I met up with some friends and found my seat in the “holding” building. Everyone else was so happy and talkative and I just wanted it to be over with. Some whole group pictures were taken, and that was actually fun. I stood with my friend Mel, and we could not stop laughing. Her mom kept telling us to behave. It was hilarious.



I’m 4th from the L on the bottom row!

After pictures and last minute checks in the mirror, we lined up and got ready for our grand entrance. I was in between two people I didn’t really know, but we all were on the same page with our emotions of nervousness and excitement.

Walking in, I focused on not tripping, and trying to spot family/friends in the audience. I was successful in both 🙂

Once we sat down, I felt a little better. I just wanted this thing to get over with as quickly as possible because I was hungry! Our president spoke, orchestra played, choir sang, a man spoke, and next thing I knew, people were standing up getting ready to get their diplomas!

We laughed at the "bling" around his neck

We laughed at the “bling” around his neck


My row stood and walked to the bottom of the steps. My heart was racing and I was trying to keep a smile on my face. When I heard my name, I carefully ascended the steps, shook hands and got my diploma, smiled a big smile, and walked down the stairs. I did it. I did it. I did it!!!

The rest of the ceremony flew by and before I knew it, I was standing outside anxiously awaiting my family and friends and familiar faces.



Sweet roommate, Brittany!

Sweet roommate, Brittany!

silly grandparents

silly grandparents

that's my cousin for ya!

that’s my cousin for ya!



proud parents :)

proud parents 🙂

and bro

and bro

with (now married) couple Daniel & Brittany!

with (now married) couple Daniel & Brittany!

AMANDA! Love and miss her

AMANDA! Love and miss her


Gorgeous friend Steph

Gorgeous friend Steph

After taking tons of pictures on multiple cameras & cell phones, we realized that most people had cleared out and left. Oh well, my family is always the last to leave! We went into the cafeteria that I was so glad I would never have to eat in again and I met up with a few favorite professors and fellow Linguistics/Spanish majors!

Spanish/Linguistics gals

Spanish/Linguistics gals

The lowhighlight of my day was a final hug and kiss on the cheek from Jimmy one last time.



And just like that, graduation was over, goodbyes were said, and I was changing out of my dress and into jeans for the drive back home. 

Did I really just graduate college and say goodbyes to people whom I loved within a span of a few hours?! So surreal. 


We dinnered at The Olive Garden and arrived back home in Durham late that evening. I went up to my room, still full of unpacked college stuff, and pulled out my computer. I teared up reading all the encouraging comments, messages, and tweets congratulating me on graduating. Wow.

Of course now, a year later, I look back fondly on that day. Despite the stress, nerves, and uncomfortableness before graduation, the actual event and reception were worth it. I wish I remembered more of the words that were spoken, the faces seen, and the hugs given, because now I don’t remember much. I must be getting old, since my memory is fading 😉

I’m sad to say that it’s been a year since I visited my alma mater and some of my dear college friends. Most of them still live in and around the Greenville area, but every time I try to visit, something comes up. Why is it so hard keeping in touch with people you lived with for three years? :/

Growing up is rough, but I’m thankful for the things I’ve learned in this past year. I’m thankful for the fact that I went to college, and graduated with a degree in a field I am passionate about. Sure, nobody has heard of my alma mater, and although I have a few complaints about my time there, it holds a special place in my heart. I grew so much as a person during my time in college, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

A year ago today I graduated from college. 

A Year Ago Tonight…


… I was sitting in an auditorium on Duke University’s campus listening to some amazing live music: Milo Greene & The Civil Wars. I was introduced to some amazing artists and their amazing songs. It was a night to remember.

Our tickets had been purchased months in advance, and my friends and I were so excited to finally see the concert we had been waiting for. After meeting up for coffee, we drove over to Duke and walked to the auditorium. Once inside, we found our seats and tried to maintain our composure. We were just so darn excited and we couldn’t help it! The rest of crowd was antsy, in an overly excited way. People were taking pictures, checking in on Foursquare, and singing songs even before the music began. And when it began… ooh, when it began, I felt the music.

Milo Greene came on stage and rocked our proverbial socks off; their music was phenomenal! Everything about their performance got a 10 star review in my book… from the way they exchanged instruments, their amazing vocals, to the lyrics of their songs. I immediately became a fan.

Then, the Civil Wars sang and danced and strummed their instruments and they put on a wonderful show as well. Oh, it was magical. Their harmonies? Amazing. I was on the verge of tears at one point in the song “C’est la mort” because it was just so strikingly tragic and beautiful. I’m telling you, I’m a sucker for good lyrics, music, and a performance. #singlewhitegirlproblems Read the rest of this entry

Month of Thanks


All month I’ve been keeping a running list of things I’m thankful for… however small, silly, random they may be. It’s been a good exercise and I think I’m going to keep it up throughout the coming months. That way, whenever I feel I have something to complain about I can just look at all the little things I’m thankful for.

1- For a new picture for the monthly calendar in the office! And the ability/opportunity to participate in webinars and learn all sorts of things as an AmeriCorps member.

2- Thankful for running water, even if it is super cold at work when I wash my hands.

3- Thankful for dogs whom I love dearly,  and the fact that dogs know how to get back home! [they ran away. Post on it’s way 😉 ] Also thankful for my married friends whom I love and have so much fun with although I don’t get to see them often!

4- Time change and an “extra” hour of sleep. And caramel macchiatos. Read the rest of this entry

October in Review


Whew, can you believe it’s already November?! 

October was a difficult month in many ways: losing a family member, trying to balance work and somewhat of a social life, trying to find interesting things to blog about (I’m really slacking!), and learning to manage my finances even more so than before. Being an adult is hard work, y’all. Looking back through pictures from the month though, it seems like it was longer than I remember. I guess time slips away sometimes, and other times it slows down.

The end of October signals more upcoming holidays, celebrations, colder weather…  and I couldn’t be more excited for the months ahead. 

Here are pictures & posts from the past month!

– the month started off on a good foot (literally) with healthy eating, cute outfits, running, and reading encouraging words

running with Britt

girl’s night food 🙂 paninis and sweet potato fries

rainy day attire

Ephesians 1 reading for She Reads Truth

Reading in my car
((like my sweet pen?))

– The 2012 NC State Fair! (It was my first time in years, so of course I had to photograph everything! 😉 ) You can see most of my pictures in the post.

Pappy’s Old Fashioned Ginger Ale!

deep fried Reese’s

Deep fried PUMPKIN PIE


– lunches al fresco 

Noodles & Co with Padre


– an emotional visitation and coping with the loss of my aunt

– one of the highlights of the month was seeing Milo Greene in concert!

Andrew and I after the show
(he’s one of five members of Milo Greene)

– Why don’t you go and Meet Lucius ((the band that opened for Milo Greene!)) 

– I officially was able to welcome an NC Fall to Durham, even if it did bring freezing cold temperatures in the morning! I sure do love Fall!

– spending quality time with my little cousins

Gabby’s first Duke football game!

G’s first Starbucks frapp!

– an honest post about how slow Sundays are for me… and how I feel on Sundays. 

– random Hey Guess What post

– two Friday Favorites posts sharing links, news stories, recipes & other random things. (here and here)

 – an afternoon in Central Park spent exploring, taking pictures, and eating lots of delicious sweets!

– a Halloween post

– post about Life and how it sneaks up sometimes

Starbucks: fail.

dinner of champs 🙂

the Burt’s Bee cow

Mischievous Max chewing on my brush

visited the new downtown Durham Cupcake Bar!

Froyo, enough said 🙂

– I bought moccasins!

I so wanted to buy these.

Instead, I got these and I looooove them!

– my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary! 

25th Anniversary flowers

bro, me, cousin Ryan after our aunt’s funeral

Silly memory of me and my aunt on a family vacation back in the day!

I got to snap this photo early one morning

dark chocolate bar!

cookies in da oven

– Ashley & I began planning a trip to California over the New Year!!!


more CA planning on a Saturday night

the aftermath of a stressful lesson with my student

My moniker at Which Wich. Appropriate for this week, no? #Sandy

I like flowers. I like flowers in my room a lot.

snuggly puppy!

– What would you caption the photo below??? 

[I’ve always wanted to snap a photo of it and I finally did yesterday! It’s on the walkway at UNC to the hospitals and means “no pedestrians” but I don’t think that’s as funny as it could be]

*Insert witty caption here*

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out other months in review: July, August, September.

How was your October???



I’m not a big fan of Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love candy. I love being hospitable to people, even if it is just opening a door and handing out candy that I didn’t snarf down. And I sure do love pumpkins, although they are synonymous with Halloween AND Thanksgiving 😉

I guess I just don’t enjoy the holiday like I did as a child.

The last time I actually participated in Halloween (dressing up and getting candy) was as a 13-year old in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I was Dorothy Gale (because duh, it’s my favorite movie) and I had made the entire costume down to the sparkly red heels. It was a magical night and although I passed quite a few other Dorothy’s, people kept commenting on my dress saying it was “perfect!” and “great!” and that they loved my shoes. I felt super special, not going to lie.

In the nine years since then, I haven’t really done much to acknowledge the holiday other than eat copious amounts of candy and admire/mock/judge people’s costumes from afar.

In high school I would stay at home and hand out candy and watch old scary movies on Turner Classic Movies. Read the rest of this entry

September in Review


Adios September, Hola October!

Whew, the month of September FLEW by. Already, fall has made its presence known in the great state of North Carolina, and I couldn’t be happier. I really love fall.

It seems like I didn’t blog much during September. Well, not many memorable posts at least. Here’s what I got for ya, plus lots of cell phone pictures 😉

I blogged about the wreck my family and I were in. 

September 11 – Remembering

Three “new” restaurants I’ve discovered in Durham!

a slice from Lilly’s

Read the rest of this entry

August in Review


The month of August flew by for me. One day I’m posting my July in Review, and the next I’m writing the date on a piece of paper and realize it’s “08/31/2012.” Oh my gracious. Time flies by. Life keeps moving on. One day you’re 22 and the next you’re 32! Ok, so time doesn’t go by that quickly, but you get my drift.

Anyways, I really don’t feel like August was too special of a month for me. Sure I got a new job, lost a friend, and experienced an extremely scary event (more on that later), but I don’t feel like anything big came of August. Fingers crossed that September is a much better month!

– I got new glasses! (Four Eyes post here

– More yoga & Durham dates with Britt

– Friday night movies alone: Gladiator

– Durham Bulls games!

rain delay

Read the rest of this entry