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High 5 For Friday


I could get used to this weekly post: it’s quick, simple, and allows me to remember the things that really made my week stand out!

1. A haircut! I made quite the spur-of-the-moment decision and got a good 6 inches chopped off! It feels amazing and I really like it!

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 10.53.52 AM

bathroom mirror picture. sorry, y’all.

2. Spanish. I’ve gotten to practice a lot this week with helping register new ESOL students, and it’s been a learning experience! I’m trying to up my game so I can be an interpreter on a mission trip to Peru this summer!


3. This song. 10,00 Reasons by Matt Redman.


4. Ordering a small green tea soy latte and ending up getting a large!


5. Tonight I’m going to dinner with some dear friends from college and I.can’t.wait!!! When those two are around, a good time is sure to be had.We’re trying a new place in Raleigh, and I’ve already been drooling over the menu debating what to order!


What were your top 5 moments from this week? Link up here!

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Ten Minutes of Weather Talk


I’m sneaking away from working on spreadsheets and calling students and assembling tutor training binders for this: ten minutes to type then hit publish. Ready, Set Go.

Of course now that I am actually sitting down to put the thoughts (that have been swimming around in my head) into a post on the interweb, I can’t seem to remember what it is I want to say.

So… I’ll talk about the weather. It’s a safe topic.

A cold front has hit… finally Winter has made her appearance. Last week it was mid-60s one day, and sleet and slushy snow the next night. And tomorrow, that wintry mix is in the forecast again. Color me happy.

I’ve never claimed to be a cold-weather lover, but something about it is comforting to me. The past few nights I’ve gotten home from work, changed into pajama pants and some cozy, over-sized t-shirt, heated up a mug of vanilla soy milk, and jumped in bed to read. Nerd alert. But at least the cold weather gives me an excuse to get into bed before 10:00 and get all cozy and warmed up 🙂 With snow on the ground outside, that’s even more of an excuse for me to make some soup recipe I pinned months ago, put on fuzzy socks, and read another book on my Nook.

It’s funny because I think my love for colder temperatures has only recently started- and I blame San Francisco. Yes, I have yet to blog about my trip and post a ridiculous amount of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge & Bay area, please forgive me. 

Although I was unprepared for the cold temperatures that I experienced while there, I came to enjoy the cold chill that hit my face as I walked out on the city streets. I came to look forward to bundling up in a scarf and my vest (that was a life-saver & warmer!). I came to anticipate the icy cold wind before even stepping outdoors. And of course I grew to love having an afternoon coffee break in Starbucks, just so I could have a few minutes of warmth 😉

I know I complained about the cold San Francisco temperatures while there, but I honestly miss them. I miss walking down busy city streets trying to get from Point A to Point B, hands in my pockets saying warm. I miss the city lifestyle and the little escapes from the cold on every corner.

One minute left to write. I shouldn’t have looked at the time because now my fingers are going to type faster than my brain can come up with the words and form coherent sentences and thoughts.

I said all of that about the cold weather and city to say this: I miss city life in the Winter. In cities you walk most everywhere and it’s great exercise and it keeps you somewhat warm. In cities there are coffee shops and cafes on every corner, waiting to be entered. In cities there are so many people who are waiting to be met- who knows who they could be?

As I anticipate the even colder temperatures and the wintry mix tomorrow, I’ll be daydreaming about San Francisco and city life in the Winter.

I can’t believe I just admitted to that.

Oh well, time’s up.

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop


“I think that possibly, maybe, I’ve fallen for you. Yes, there’s a chance that I’ve fallen quite hard over you. I’ve seen the paths that your eyes wander down, I want to come too… I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much.”

Ever since I first heard this song by Landon Pigg, it has been my dream to fall in love in a coffee shop.

Silly, yes, but I’m a hopeless romantic. Go ahead and laugh.

In college, at least three days out of the week, you could find me at the local Einstein’s, Dunkin’, or Starbucks in Greenville, SC. Perfect places to study, people watch, and daydream. Killing three birds with one stone latte? Bingo!

Although I was hardly there alone (yes I had friends in college), I always imagined that my studying session or chat with a friend would be interrupted by some mysterious guy walking in, smiling at me and then proceeding to come over and introduce himself. I’m a huge daydreamer, I know!

As dumb as it is, I still daydream about sitting in a coffee shop reading, blogging, or studying, and catching the eye of another customer. I daydream about time seeming to stand still as our eyes meet. I daydream about meeting the man of my dreams and falling in love… in a coffee shop.

“I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much.”


A few Sundays ago, Mom and I were out and about running some errands, when I suggested we stop in Starbucks and grab drinks. Despite the fact that she’s a self-proclaimed “coffee snob” and dislikes Starbucks, she agreed to quickly run in and order my drink to go. Of course, that didn’t happen when she saw the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino on the menu…she had to get a drink too 😉

While we were waiting for our drinks, Mom was doing her typical scoping the area out, as was I. We both happened to notice that most tables were full of students studying… cute guy students studying. Mom insisted that we stay and relax for a while, all the while she was scheming up a plan.

Unfortunately there was one empty table- towards the corner, where it was hard to see people or watch them. But, Mom was insistent that we sit there and chat for a few. So chat we did. I honestly feel so much more comfortable opening up to people about my life when I’m in a coffee shop setting. Random fact, yes.

When she had slurped the last of her drink (because really, frappuccinos require some slurpage), we stood up to make room for more studying students. As we walked out, I glanced back at one handsome study-er in particular and smiled. I wonder if he even noticed?

In the car, Mom told me of her plan to introduce me to a guy in Starbucks. She had a little script planned out and everything. Yeah her idea and intentions behind it were nice, but on a scale of 1 to 10, having my mother randomly introduce me to a random cute guy in Starbucks ranks up there with MOST AWKWARD SITUATION EVER.

Fast forward one week to the following Sunday. I was meeting a friend to discuss California trip plans before church. As we’re waiting for our drinks, I notice a particular handsome study-er from the week before waiting in line and have a mini freak out.

Twice in one week in the same place?! Why haven’t I been here more often?! How have I not seen this man before?!

My friend and I sit down and start talking excitedly about Cali. We discuss minor details and then start reading the San Francisco for Dummies & Frommer’s Guide to Los Angeles 2011 that I bought in preparation. When it comes to trip planning, I get serious.

I couldn’t help but watch handsome study-er as he got his drink and headed over to sit down and read the newspaper by the window. I couldn’t help but attempt a smile as he glanced my way. I couldn’t help but watch him as he moved to a different chair and pull out his Bible. I couldn’t help but pray for him in that moment. I couldn’t help but wonder…  and wish there were some way to meet him without being 100% awkward like I always am.

With my luck I will probably never see this guy again, no matter how many times I visit that Starbucks. But it was nice, for a few moments on Sunday, to daydream about possible beginnings to a story that included him… and I’ll admit I’ve thought about his face more than once since then.

“I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much.”

So here’s to all you other daydreamers out there- may you find love. Whether it be in a beloved coffee shop or on the bus, in the checkout line at the grocery store or at work, online or next door.


Hey Guess What


Hey guess what?!

((AKA random tidbits about my life currently. AKA most boring post ever.))

– I went to Target yesterday to buy floss. The one time I don’t have it in my purse or at work, is when I need it. Go figure.

– While at Target, I splurged on coffee. AKA I spent about $4 on it. Dang it, Starbucks and your pumpkin flavored drinks.

– My mom finally got a new car since hers was totaled nearly a month ago. Oh, and Padre is still undergoing different tests to find out what happened/if anything is wrong.

– Did you know I’m training for the Color Me Rad 5K that’s a month from today?! Well yeah, I am. And not doing a very good job of training seriously. I’ve been trying to run every other day, but once I get to the point where my breathing is staggered and rough, I stop and take a walking break. Clearly, I don’t want to walk during the race. Any tips on how to train? ((PS. If you want to sign up, do so soon before prices go up!)) Read the rest of this entry

August in Review


The month of August flew by for me. One day I’m posting my July in Review, and the next I’m writing the date on a piece of paper and realize it’s “08/31/2012.” Oh my gracious. Time flies by. Life keeps moving on. One day you’re 22 and the next you’re 32! Ok, so time doesn’t go by that quickly, but you get my drift.

Anyways, I really don’t feel like August was too special of a month for me. Sure I got a new job, lost a friend, and experienced an extremely scary event (more on that later), but I don’t feel like anything big came of August. Fingers crossed that September is a much better month!

– I got new glasses! (Four Eyes post here

– More yoga & Durham dates with Britt

– Friday night movies alone: Gladiator

– Durham Bulls games!

rain delay

Read the rest of this entry

Bull City on Friday the 13th


Today was a great day. Full of new places, new people, and new experiences! And yes, you’re going to get a run-down of everything that happened. Just because I feel like typing and I’m bored… so why not blog, right?  🙂

9:00am :: met a friend for lattes and a chat about a possible job opportunity. We went to Guglhupf and oh my, the soy latte was soooo good! The atmosphere was vibrant and eclectic, and the feel of the place and people was wonderful overall! I will more than likely be going back in the near future. Saturday brunch there, anyone? 😉 So back to the possible job- It’s more like a part-time volunteering position, but I would get paid a monthly stipend. Basically it’s what I have wanted to do for a while… work with people, help them out, teach them, possibly use my Spanish, and get paid for it! My friend was so helpful. I left feeling very encouraged. Now, I just have to choose between school or volunteering… such a hard choice to make!

11:00 :: ran errands. Nothing exciting there. Other than the tailor calling me “lopsided.” Uhhh… thanks?

12:30 :: pit stop at Smoothie King. I chose the Acai Adventure and boy oh boy was it amazing. I seriously slurped that thing down in under 30 minutes, a personal record.

12:50 :: drop-off at Goodwill!

1:015 :: met Britt to shop for athletic wear! I made it out with three great & comfy pieces for $40. Compare that to the $59 yoga capris at Athleta, and I’d say I got the better deal 😉

2:30 :: home to relax and play with the puppy!

5:00ish :: met Britt for a yoga class downtown! Parking was quite an adventure as three sketchy men offered to pay for my parking because, “you are pretty girl!” So awkward. I politely declined their offer.

5:20ish :: Britt and I finally got to meet Alison, the yoga instructor at Bull City Yoga. We signed in, set our mats up, and I mentally started preparing for the class. I had no idea what to expect and was hoping I could keep up!

found it! JUST POWER YOGA. NO BULL. (love that!)

5:45 :: class officially began with an “OM.” I was nervous and excited… it was my first ever yoga class and oh my goodness I loved it! It was challenging, sweaty, stretchy, and oddly relaxing.

Meet my mat (and the pretty lime green walls!)

6:50ish :: The savasana signaled the end of class was near. I was so calm and relaxed and felt great after pushing my body so hard. And the lavender eye pillows? Ingenious!  I highly recommend Bull City Yoga to any beginner, intermediate, or advanced yogis! It was an excellent experience and Alison was great! I am definitely going back in the future! (AKA- next Friday 🙂

7:10 :: I left the building feeling so energized and happy! And a little impressed with myself for making it through a power yoga class for the first time 😉

7:33 :: Dinner at Beyu Caffe! I ordered the first thing that caught my eye- Thai Sauteed Veggies… mmm they were so good! And I may or may not have ordered a White Sangria…

photo evidence!

8:30 :: Quick stop at Durham’s very own Mad Hatter Bakeshop & Cafe for cookies. After all that yoga and chowing down on dinner, I needed a cookie! (and it definitely hit the spot)

9:00pm :: Home!

Whew, 12 straight hours of going going going! I wouldn’t have traded it for anything though… today truly was a great day. I love the people in my life! Especially the ones who make me try new things! 🙂

Somehow it slipped my mind that today was Friday the 13th AND Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. Yes I have dressed up in the past, and yes I have gotten free food!!!

summer 2009, Linds & me! Not ashamed of my bovine past ;p

How was your Friday the 13th??? Did you try anything new? Hang out with fun friends? Workout?