Happy Valentine’s Day! (or Singles Awareness Day, whichever you prefer to celebrate.) 

I’ve never been a huge lover of this holiday, but it definitely has grown on me in the past few years. It doesn’t have to be all about couples, ya know? You can celebrate this day by simply showing others you care… coworkers, your favorite barista, family, a student, friends.

This year I stepped up my non-existant game and sent out some cards to friends, and baked cookies to share at work with students and staff! It feels good having people thank you for something as simple as a card or cookie. (And I’m a sucker for snail mail.)

I put together a playlist this morning with some of my favorite love songs, and it’s been playing all day. It all started with listening to my Frank Sinatra soundtrack while baking last night- that man’s voice is like no other!

Recognize that first song? It’s from Casablanca. My one and only Valentine’s Day tradition (since 2008) has been watching that film. I plan on doing so tonight, while munching on some chocolates (thanks Padre!). My Valentine’s Days have always been super low key, and I really don’t mind it.



What are your Valentine’s Day traditions?


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