Ten Minutes of Weather Talk


I’m sneaking away from working on spreadsheets and calling students and assembling tutor training binders for this: ten minutes to type then hit publish. Ready, Set Go.

Of course now that I am actually sitting down to put the thoughts (that have been swimming around in my head) into a post on the interweb, I can’t seem to remember what it is I want to say.

So… I’ll talk about the weather. It’s a safe topic.

A cold front has hit… finally Winter has made her appearance. Last week it was mid-60s one day, and sleet and slushy snow the next night. And tomorrow, that wintry mix is in the forecast again. Color me happy.

I’ve never claimed to be a cold-weather lover, but something about it is comforting to me. The past few nights I’ve gotten home from work, changed into pajama pants and some cozy, over-sized t-shirt, heated up a mug of vanilla soy milk, and jumped in bed to read. Nerd alert. But at least the cold weather gives me an excuse to get into bed before 10:00 and get all cozy and warmed up 🙂 With snow on the ground outside, that’s even more of an excuse for me to make some soup recipe I pinned months ago, put on fuzzy socks, and read another book on my Nook.

It’s funny because I think my love for colder temperatures has only recently started- and I blame San Francisco. Yes, I have yet to blog about my trip and post a ridiculous amount of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge & Bay area, please forgive me. 

Although I was unprepared for the cold temperatures that I experienced while there, I came to enjoy the cold chill that hit my face as I walked out on the city streets. I came to look forward to bundling up in a scarf and my vest (that was a life-saver & warmer!). I came to anticipate the icy cold wind before even stepping outdoors. And of course I grew to love having an afternoon coffee break in Starbucks, just so I could have a few minutes of warmth 😉

I know I complained about the cold San Francisco temperatures while there, but I honestly miss them. I miss walking down busy city streets trying to get from Point A to Point B, hands in my pockets saying warm. I miss the city lifestyle and the little escapes from the cold on every corner.

One minute left to write. I shouldn’t have looked at the time because now my fingers are going to type faster than my brain can come up with the words and form coherent sentences and thoughts.

I said all of that about the cold weather and city to say this: I miss city life in the Winter. In cities you walk most everywhere and it’s great exercise and it keeps you somewhat warm. In cities there are coffee shops and cafes on every corner, waiting to be entered. In cities there are so many people who are waiting to be met- who knows who they could be?

As I anticipate the even colder temperatures and the wintry mix tomorrow, I’ll be daydreaming about San Francisco and city life in the Winter.

I can’t believe I just admitted to that.

Oh well, time’s up.


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