Daily Prompt: Clean Slate


Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?


As I push open the white door into a room of green and brown, I at once realize I’m inside the bedroom of a single post-college female. Something about the stacks of books that range from British Literature to Linguistics to Spanish textbooks, gives off that vibe. My eyes are drawn to the books first because nearly every surface of the room is covered with a few books… the nightstand, the dresser, the bookcase, the desk, the chest under the window… This female clearly likes to read.

Next, my eyes are drawn to the walls: a family photo, a collage of pictures of little tanned-skin children, a black and white mask, a painting of a lake and mountain, a scroll with flowers and Chinese symbols written in calligraphy, a painting of water lilies, a red and white flag, empty frames, a poster of Audrey Hepburn. I’m sure these items tell so much about the person who sleeps here, and I’m curious as to why each item is so special.

The bed is made, but the end of it is covered with shirts and jeans and cardigans; I’m sensing the occupant of the room is indecisive in her outfit choosing. A pair of brown boots lay carelessly on the floor alongside a red purse. A heavy-duty backpack is on its side in front of a closet door, its contents spilling out, including a word search book, a ziploc baggie of travel items, and a vest. A camera sits on the edge of the nightstand, next to an empty glass bottle of Izze with a dead flower in it. 

The desk is covered with mail, papers, books, and it’s a wonder that anyone ever sits at it. 

The dresser is cluttered- necklaces, an ipod speaker, tank tops strewn across the top, and of course a few books stacked here and there. A beautiful teal blue stained glass lamp lights up the corner of the room, adding a warm homey feel to the room.

There’s a stand with movies aligned across a shelf, books across another, and craft supplies across yet another. I wonder how many of those movies get watched?

The bookcase in the little alcove is, you guessed it, covered with books. New books, children’s books, old antique books… there’s no telling how many dozens of books reside in this room. 

Despite the fact that the female who lives in the room is graduated, she clearly has a penchant for learning and expanding her horizons. I see little trinkets of other countries in different places throughout the room… a jade elephant, a box of chopsticks on display, a wooden box with “Peru” in cursive… a traveler sleeps here, and possibly dreams of traveling the world. 

This bedroom is cluttered, but comfortable and I wonder if the personality that lives here is as eclectic as this room would suggest.



It’s kind of ironic that this topic is the daily prompt because my Sunday plan was to clean my messy room! It’s always hard coming home after traveling and having a busy work week and having to sleep in a messy/cluttered room. I’ve already started a pile to take to Goodwill 😉 

Also- about all the books- it’s impossible for me to get rid of a book… unless it’s one I hated reading. I’m a bibliophile and am constantly adding to my collection. And oh, I got a Nook for Christmas so clearly my family is only feeding my addiction to books and reading 🙂

I promise there will be some California recap posts this week so stay tuned! 



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