First Impressions of San Francisco


I’ve been in San Francisco for about 30 hours now and wow.

A few first impressions (typing from my Nook so it will be short & sweet):

-there are soooo many people!!!

-there is soooo much diversity!!!

-with the tons of people and diversity comes lots of different languages…aka it’s a Linguist’s paradise! 😉

-traffic, parking, and roads are crazy. I would never drive a car here.

-it honestly feels like I’m in a different country, or back in Peru even. With the whole relying on public transportation, not knowing where you are, etc.

-there are lots of stores that sell the same cheap touristy San Fran stuff. And some of it is quite tempting. SF mug? Yes. SF tshirt? Of course. Alcatraz shot glass? Duh! Ok, totally kidding. I haven’t wanted to buy any of those things!

-the poverty is heart-wrenching. Seriously… so many homeless on every street. I saw a girl with a “pregnant and hungry” sign tonight and although she could be faking, it was sad.

-the drunks are idiots. I got called a “bleeping bleep bleep bleep
today in Chinatown by a white hippie who had just called a man a “bleeping Commy!” and spit on him. True story. When he addressed me, i booked it, telling Ashley to “come on!” lol. In retrospect its comical but it kind of freaked me out.

-the Muni isn’t as daunting on day 2. I kinda have the hang of it!

-i have a decent sense of direction here! And it helps that the city map is quite easy/understandable 😉

Have you ever been to San Francisco or a new (big) city? What were your first impressions???


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