Two Little Girls


If you had asked me back in July to keep my little cousins for a whole weekend, I would probably have looked at you like you were crazy and then insist on keeping them for one night only. Two little girls were too much for this girl to handle. There was too much energy, and not enough room in my queen-sized bed for the three of us.

Until October when my aunt, their mother, died.

Now, I jump at any chance to keep these little girls. Blame it on my nurturing nature or simply on my desire to be a mother someday- these little girls are a priority to me. I want to invest in their lives and be there for them. I know I can never replace the mother they lost, but maybe I can be a big sister… the cool big sister, of course 🙂

I think the events that have happened the past few months have knitted the three of us together in a special way. Sure, those two little girls have their moments…

…like one night at 11:30pm when they would NOT go to sleep, and Autumn was screaming because she was “scared of the dark” and Gabby was mad at me telling me, “I’m never coming back to spend the night with Mere Mere”… I cried myself to sleep once they finally fell asleep from exhaustion a little after midnight.

…or that one time Gabby was yelling at her friend and I told her to stop, and she threw a shoe at me and her friend. I wanted to beat that child’s butt!

…or when I was trying to talk to Gabby and she was hiding under my bed pouting because I told her she couldn’t wear makeup.

don't let the innocent face fool ya

don’t let the innocent face fool ya

2012-10-06 14.35.53-1

Gabs at her first Duke football game in a shirt I bought her!

Then there are the cute times…

…like when I’m helping Autumn take a bath and wash off, and she puts her hands on my face and looks me in the eyes (she looks so much like her mother) and says something like, “I love you Mere Mere” and my heart melts.

…or when I take Gabby shopping and pick out a shirt and she wears it all the time because I picked it out and bought it for her.

…playing with my PhotoBooth on my Mac and making hilarious faces.

Photo on 2012-11-21 at 22.20 #3


Photo on 2012-11-21 at 22.20 #4


Those two little girls mean so much to me… more than I ever thought they could or would. 

2012-12-25 16.23.18-1

nap on Christmas afternoon


Autumn named that frog ‘Mere Mere’


birthday girl!


crazy jumper


If you were to ask me to keep my little cousins now, I would enthusiastically say, “yes!”



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