November in Review


Today is 12/12/12 and I’m finally getting around to posting my November in Review. So what?! 🙂

November was somewhat of a bland month for me. It was busy, which was nice, but it just wasn’t an exciting month. Looking back at pictures made me realize how slowly the month passed… and how random it was!


playing with sugar blocks during training webinars

I kicked off the month with a Friday Favorites post.

Had a weekend of split second decisions.

I did the typical blogger thing and blogged about the election. Don’t worry, I didn’t express my political opinions 😉



I had a few breakfast dates with my Dad


breakfast at a new place with Padre

I wore a UNC shirt. Apparently I’m one very confused Duke fan…


is Max not the cutest?!

I thanked current and past members of the Armed Forces for their Act(s) of Valor on Veteran’s Day.

On Blogging : a random post.

I announced that I’ll be taking a trip to California over New Years!!!



Typical day-before-a-holiday post entitled Today.

Thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Yet another random post about the Last Days of November and the pros and cons of the upcoming month.

Most importantly, I blogged my Month of Thanks, where I kept up with things I was thankful for each day of November. Definitely going to keep that little exercise up!


someone did this in Target


sometimes my dad texts me crazy things…


I must be SUPER graceful then! 🙂


Mexican Chocolate Locopop from a tutor? Thank you very much!

I babysat/housesat one weekend and we painted nails, watched movies & played with Play-Dough


my cupcake!


November sunset through the trees

I went to a country concert.


Lee Brice

I changed the spelling of my name, unbeknownst to me.

I changed the spelling of my name

new name?

I went to a DUKE football game!!!!!



just a typical day at a non-profit. Ya know



pre-dinner snack one day that included orange, carrots, sunflower seeds, pomegranate, chia, balsamic, green pepper, and spinach.


I love this print in Parker & Otis!


pumpkin spice latte & gingerbread cookie date with Brittany!


Batty invites for my little cousin’s birthday party!


Deeeeelicious food from Q Shack

trying out this new necklace

trying out this new necklace

This little cousin turned 5!!!


Max wanted to do yoga too!

Max wanted to do yoga too!

frosty leaves!

frosty leaves!

A building you WON'T find me in, ever!

A building you WON’T find me in, ever!

froyo, as usual

froyo, as usual


typical weekend night for me: pajama pants

typical weekend night for me: pajama pants

Breast Cancer Awareness + Miami Dolphins = cool car sticker

Breast Cancer Awareness + Miami Dolphins = cool car sticker


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