A Year Ago Tonight…


… I was sitting in an auditorium on Duke University’s campus listening to some amazing live music: Milo Greene & The Civil Wars. I was introduced to some amazing artists and their amazing songs. It was a night to remember.

Our tickets had been purchased months in advance, and my friends and I were so excited to finally see the concert we had been waiting for. After meeting up for coffee, we drove over to Duke and walked to the auditorium. Once inside, we found our seats and tried to maintain our composure. We were just so darn excited and we couldn’t help it! The rest of crowd was antsy, in an overly excited way. People were taking pictures, checking in on Foursquare, and singing songs even before the music began. And when it began… ooh, when it began, I felt the music.

Milo Greene came on stage and rocked our proverbial socks off; their music was phenomenal! Everything about their performance got a 10 star review in my book… from the way they exchanged instruments, their amazing vocals, to the lyrics of their songs. I immediately became a fan.

Then, the Civil Wars sang and danced and strummed their instruments and they put on a wonderful show as well. Oh, it was magical. Their harmonies? Amazing. I was on the verge of tears at one point in the song “C’est la mort” because it was just so strikingly tragic and beautiful. I’m telling you, I’m a sucker for good lyrics, music, and a performance. #singlewhitegirlproblems

Anyways, a year ago tonight, I was not only introduced to some great music, but also to some great people. After the concert, my friends and I met the members of Milo Greene who had converged on the lawn outside the auditorium which was right out front of the iconic Duke Chapel. We had so much fun getting to know them and exchanging silly stories!



Band member Andrew and I after the show

Fast forward to October 19, 2012 and I’m experiencing the same nerves and excitement from December 5, 2011 :: I am about to see Milo Greene perform in Chapel Hill! Tickets had been purchased months in advance, yet again, and I had been awaiting this concert since July! The concert fell during a bad week, so it was definitely a welcome distraction from family matters!

(I can’t believe it’s been over a month and I haven’t posted about that night yet!!!)

Lucius opened for Milo Greene, and as I said in my post, they were so bold and energetic that it was impossible not to like them! I was happy that I discovered a new band to follow, but I was so looking forward to seeing/hearing/experiencing Milo Greene all over again.

People were pushing each other around to try to get better views of the stage; I stood my ground and didn’t take my eyes of the stage. Once again, they were phenomenal. Of course this time, I sang along to lots of the songs, moved my body with the music, and cheered like a crazy woman after their set. Oh, Milo Greene.

And afterwards? Rendezvous in the front of the venue with the band members just like last year. Andrew even remembered me, which was definitely a highlight of the encounter! And I got to introduce everyone to my friend Ash, which made it even better! 🙂

Somehow, drummer man Tron (real name = Curtis) missed out on all the action. Bummer!


Marlana, Graham & Andrew GETTING IT


singing his heart out




Marlana & Andrew. LOVE their harmonies


“don’t you give up on me”


“I slip softly through, all my dreams, my dear, they are of you”


Marlana & Robbie : “son my son”


“and it takes me away, takes me away, takes me away.” -1957


Ashley with the boys: Robbie, Graham & Andrew




Robbie, me, Graham
Robbie cracks me up. He was hilarious that night! Actually, he’s always hilarious. You can quote me on that! 🙂


Andrew & me!


Ash & Andrew


silly but adorable Marlana!


she looks cute and I look like a freak!

A year ago tonight I became a Milo Greene fan… and it’s been a great year listening to their music and keeping up with them online. Seriously, go check them out!

Is there a band that you follow?


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