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Every year the North Carolina Children’s Hospital does a big radiothon/telethon to raise money for the hospital. This year was the 11th annual fundraiser and a charity concert was added to the mix, called “Country for Kids” to be hosted by country radio station 94.7 QDR and to take place at the Durham Performing Arts Center. Ticket sales went quickly, as country fans from all over the Triangle snatched them up. I was lucky enough to get two free tickets from my mom’s office, and although I’m not a huge country fan, I couldn’t turn up a free (for me) concert!

There were 6 artists who performed in the concert last Tuesday night: Jason Michael Carroll, Josh Thompson, Kix Brooks, Gloriana, Scotty McCreery & Lee Brice. And I think you should know that they offered their music and their time for free, absolutely free. The only thing these artists gained from the concert was the adoration of their fans and possibly a few t-shirt sales. I think it’s admirable that they gave of their time and talents to support the NC Children’s Hospital.

I would show you some of my horrible quality cell phone pictures, but instead I’ll show you a few from 94.7’s facebook page!


Lee Brice


For some reason or another, I love his mohawk



Kix Brooks

Kix Brooks



I won’t lie- I enjoyed the concert, and I may have even sang along to a song or two. By the end of it, I didn’t want the music to end (even though it was past this grandma’s bedtime). There was just something magical about it all… the atmosphere, the music, the people all coming together to see artists they love, all the while benefitting a great cause. It may have converted me into a mini country music fan, but don’t tell anyone 😉

Being a past employee of two different North Carolina hospitals, it really surprised me to see all the fans in attendance (who had to purchase the $60+ tickets)  with all of the proceeds going to the NC Children’s Hospital! It made me smile to know that the money raised at this concert was going straight to bettering the environment of the hospital. I’ve known many families who have had to spend lots of time in the hospital with sick children, and I know they appreciate every effort made to help speed up their child’s recovery and improve the environment of the hospital.

Speaking of improving the environment of hospitals, have I told y’all about The Monday Life before? I’m pretty sure I have mentioned them before: here and here. Well basically they add art, light, color, music, technology, massage, games, animals, and FUN to children’s hospitals! And I think it’s pretty awesome what they do. Right now, they’re partnered with 6 different hospitals all over the country, two of which are right in my backyard (not literally, but ya know what I mean!) and hold special places in my heart.

The Christmas season is coming up, and I know lately there’s been a big shift in families to donate their time, money, resources, instead of receiving things. Especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it seems people are more willing and wanting to give to help disaster relief efforts and things of the like. In my family we’ve decided on a few small gifts for one another, leaving more money to give. Instead of hoarding all my money for my California trip, (sorry, friends) I’m going to give a lot of it back. The holiday season is not a time to be selfish and greedy. Giving back and loving your neighbor is what makes the holiday season special.

One of the organizations that’s going to get some of my Christmas cash is (shh, don’t tell them!) The Monday Life. I love supporting non-profits (I mean, I work at one!)  and I suggest you to do the same! I’m sure you know someone, or someone who knows someone, who is currently in the hospital. Imagine the difference that something as simple as art on the walls can make in the recovery process. Imagine the difference that a stuffed animal can make. Imagine the difference that music can make on the hospital environment… trust me, music makes a big difference in all of our daily lives!

Another way to give back to local hospitals (if you decide not to support The Monday Life) is to donate blood & platelets. They are always in high demand and it’s absolutely free. Sure, it may take a few hours of your beloved free time, but honestly it’s worth it. If you’re in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, I suggest going to UNC’s Blood Donation Center. I’ve made an effort to go once a month, and I love it. And the coolest part is they give your platelets to patients right there in the hospital! It could be a little child, a sick mother, or a man with cancer who gets your platelets and you could help save their life. What a great feeling!

Those are two simple yet impactful ways I’ll be giving this holiday season.

What will you be giving???

“The amount you give isn’t important. What matters is what that amount represents in terms of your life.” -Jim Rohn

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.” -Albert Einstein

“The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.” -Heda Bejar

“Giving whether it be of time, labor, affection, advice, gifts, or whatever, is one of life’s greatest pleasures.” -Rebecca Russell


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