Month of Thanks


All month I’ve been keeping a running list of things I’m thankful for… however small, silly, random they may be. It’s been a good exercise and I think I’m going to keep it up throughout the coming months. That way, whenever I feel I have something to complain about I can just look at all the little things I’m thankful for.

1- For a new picture for the monthly calendar in the office! And the ability/opportunity to participate in webinars and learn all sorts of things as an AmeriCorps member.

2- Thankful for running water, even if it is super cold at work when I wash my hands.

3- Thankful for dogs whom I love dearly,  and the fact that dogs know how to get back home! [they ran away. Post on it’s way 😉 ] Also thankful for my married friends whom I love and have so much fun with although I don’t get to see them often!

4- Time change and an “extra” hour of sleep. And caramel macchiatos.

5- For Monday night trips to the movie theater to learn a snippet of history (Argo).

6- For the right to vote as a woman, American, and Christian. Also thankful for the gift of salted dark chocolate bars, and that Durham is so cultured- had lunch at an Afghan restaurant! Thankful for social media and various outlets to learn information during election coverage [Internet, phone, radio, tv, skype – yes I was using every resource I could manage!]

7- For my coworker who sometimes takes charge of situations more often than I tend to.

8- For bath time! (making stubborn little ornery cousins take baths is a hard task!) and birthday cupcakes. Also for afternoon pumpkin spice latte dates with Britt at Parker & Otis! (super fun afternoon exploring the store and everything in it!)

9- Streaming movies on Netflix. Especially Act of Valor. Indian buffets with coworkers, and lots of laughing. = great Friday.

10- Family, who is always there. Decorating for bat-themed birthday parties… with too much tape, too many balloons & streamers & flying bats, too much food, but lots of fun!

11- For veterans and everyone who is/has served in the Armed Forces, protecting our freedom and the safety of our nation daily. We can never fully understand the extent to which they sacrifice for us.

12- Ginger ale. Helps my sore throat. And a brother who went to the store just to buy me some Ginger Ale!

13- Technology that allows me to speak Spanish with my Peruvian friend who is in Zambia working in a mine.


14 – Tomato soup from Panera Bread, and their delicious bread to dip into it. (their tomato soup is my favorite and is great for sore throats/colds) Milo Greene playing live on a radio station I can listen to online! Makes a not-so-good day lightyears better!!!

15- Kind new tutors who give hugs.

16- Froyo Fridays by myself.

17- Homemade donuts (from a local bakery!), 3D children’s movies, Madagascar-shaped mac n cheese, and babysitting two creative girls.

18- Short refreshing naps! For little diners and long conversations with good friends. Fresh eggs from a friends’ barn.

19- for downtown Durham. So much culture, history, and new places to try!  For all the outreach ministries located downtown. Also for cute police officers in Noodle & Co who make waiting for takeout much more enjoyable 😉

20- literacy. I don’t know how 20% of Durham residents are functionally illiterate, and how they cope with Durham.  I’m doing what I can to help that percentage, one student at a time. I’m so thankful for the center I serve at and that people are willing to come learn to read/get their GED here!

21- haircuts! silly pictures with my cousin on Photobooth. Oh how we laughed! (below are only a few of the dozens of pictures we took. Such a fun tool to use to occupy little cousins!)

Photo on 2012-11-21 at 22.20 #3

Photo on 2012-11-21 at 22.17 #3Photo on 2012-11-21 at 22.20 #4Photo on 2012-11-21 at 22.22 #4

22- family.  Especially my uncle for stepping up and being a great parent to his little girls despite how hard being a widower.

23- days that I can stay at home in sweats and not feel guilty.  Spent the whole day studying for the GRE, drinking lots of water, watching movies, and playing with Max.

24- Duke football! Friends who go to games with me. Sunshine that helped me warm up in the 40* temps. Making plans for my CA trip!

25- t-shirt dresses and boots. I felt pretty at church for once. Also thankful for God’s forgiveness, grace, and love even when I’m at my worst.

26- An afternoon latte. And thankful for a name that causes people to misspell it :p always makes for a laugh and an eye roll, hehe. Thankful for the language of Spanish and my ability to communicate to students in Spanish!

27- Durham’s American Tobacco Campus! Thankful for an impromptu dinner with a friend at Mellow Mushroom, pictures of the cows from the Cow Parade, walking around, and a concert at the DPAC!

28- nurses. They sometimes don’t get all the respect they deserve. Thankful for the ability, willingness & opportunity to donate platelets- they are in high demand and people need to donate!!!

29- my hard-working literacy student! He successfully participated in a game of Scrabble during game night. Sure I helped him, but he came up with words on his own, and I was so proud. I’m thankful for his willingness to learn to read and for all that I learn from him.

30- snooze button on a Friday morning. Leftover vegetable soup for breakfast. Conversations with my coworker from NYC. For my Nana who turns 80 today!

What are you thankful for this month??? Have you ever kept up with the little things you’re thankful for? I recommend it! 🙂


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