Thoughts on Thanksgiving


It’s a little before 8pm and here I am, in sweatpants on the couch blogging.

Today went a lot like I expected. Tears, prayers, too much food. There was also a lot of laughter and reminiscing, so it was a good balance.

Riding home from my grandparent’s house stuffed like a stuffed panda pillow pet, I got to thinking. And that’s never good ūüėČ

I just kept thinking about how blessed we were… are. How much we take for granted daily and how silly it is for us to recognize those things on one specific day each year. Why not be thankful all year long? Why does it have to be one November day?¬†

All month, I’ve been keeping a running list of things I’m thankful for each day. I’ll be sharing it next Friday, as the month is almost over! (CRAZY!) It’s definitely an exercise that has made me realize the little itty bitty simple things that I am thankful for.

Last night, one of my cousins spent the night with me. This morning as I was still trying to fully wake up (at 7:15, after going to bed at 11:30, mind you!!!) I told her “Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?” Without a second for thought, her immediate response was “family.”

Kids say the darndest things because honestly, her family has been such a big part of her life lately after the loss of her mother. Family for Gabby means more than just the people you see on holidays; it’s the people who help you pick outfits for school, finish up homework, help you brush your hair after bath time. Family puts up with you during your yelling fits, your bad attitudes, and your rough days. Family loves you through thick and thin, and I think the word “family” has taken on a new meaning for us all in the past few months.

What does family mean for you?

Also, other things I’ve been thinking about this evening:

– Why is Thanksgiving always about how much food you eat? Why isn’t it about how much food you serve to others, or about helping those less fortunate? Again, I know this shouldn’t be a one-time-per-year thing, but still, one day is better than never serving others. It seems like all over social media and even within my own family, people have been so focused on stuffing their faces. Ugh. Don’t be gluttonous.

– Why in the heck are restaurants and stores open on Thanksgiving?! Sheesh. People are so selfish and materialistic and lazy if they have nothing better to do than going to stores and fast food places on a holiday. Even if they don’t have anywhere to be, or family to be with, why make other people work at those stores and not be able to spend time with their family? Argh, it really irks me. (and yes I realize that’s silly)

– Why is social media all about “look at my turkey!” today? Seriously. I’ve seen enough pictures of turkeys and food to last a while.

– TV sucks on Thanksgiving. Sure, I watched some of the Macy’s parade this morning and I’ve seen bits and pieces of football games all day, but other than that there’s nothing but junk on TV. This girl is definitely going to be watching Netflix while GRE studying tonight!

– When people complain and whine about eating too much, and how they need to run a few miles/burns a bunch of calories starting tomorrow, it bugs the snot out of me. Overeating on one day is not going to make you gain 100lbs. Get over yourself and chill out. (and stop whining about your overeating and working out)

Psalm 100:4 “Enter his gates with thanksgiving¬†and his courts¬†with praise;¬†give thanks to him and praise his name.”

How was your Thanksgiving? 


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