Weekend & Split Second Decisions


Don’t weekends seem to go by so quickly? Even with an extra hour… sheesh!

This weekend was no different; the time slipped by and I can’t even remember what I did.

Ok, that’s a semi-lie… I spent lots of the weekend in front of Turner Classic Movies watching classics, cutting out black bats, eating popcorn, and studying for the GRE. Come to think of it, my weekend was made up of split second decisions…

There was my split second decision to get froyo for lunch when I left work at 4:30 on Friday.

There was my split second decision to skip a work event Saturday in Chapel Hill (because I couldn’t find parking within a mile radius!!!) and go pick up a box of goodness from Whole Foods’ salad bar.

There was my split second decision to go sit out in the leaves with my German Shepherds, who had a little adventure outside the fence that morning, and love on them. Of course it resulted in me being covered with dog hair, but it was worth it.


There was a split second decision to go to Target with married friends B & D after dinner at the Q Shack Saturday night. Normal 22-year olds spend Saturday nights in Target, right? šŸ˜‰

meat, okra, beans & hushpuppies. YUM

Can’t believe someone did this to the Christmas ornaments…

There was a split second decision to sign up for the GRE in a month and start my grad school application, even though I have no idea if that’s what I’ll be doing next fall. (it’s a good back-up plan!)

There was a split second decision to donate some change to the local soup kitchen, and I got a cookie in return šŸ™‚

There was a split second decision to wear my long-sleeved UNC shirt yesterday, despite the fact that I’ve always been a Duke fan. (and I must admit that it was comfy šŸ™‚ )

My weekend was pretty full of split second decisions. And now that I think of it, that’s how much of my life has been lately.

I’ll be on track to do something when all of a sudden something else gets thrown my way, or I feel pulled in another direction… and within a split second, my plans are changed. While most of my split second decisions are beneficial and rewarding in some aspect, there have been a few lately that I regret…

-choosing not to roadtrip to SC to see college friends

-having my little cousins spend the weekend with me, thus not being able to run a in race

-stopping by Chickfila (on numerous occasions the past few weeks) and grabbing dinner instead of going home and cooking something

-choosing to work late instead of spending time with friends I haven’t seen in a while

Have you made any split second decisions lately? Were you satisfied with them?


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