October in Review


Whew, can you believe it’s already November?! 

October was a difficult month in many ways: losing a family member, trying to balance work and somewhat of a social life, trying to find interesting things to blog about (I’m really slacking!), and learning to manage my finances even more so than before. Being an adult is hard work, y’all. Looking back through pictures from the month though, it seems like it was longer than I remember. I guess time slips away sometimes, and other times it slows down.

The end of October signals more upcoming holidays, celebrations, colder weather…  and I couldn’t be more excited for the months ahead. 

Here are pictures & posts from the past month!

– the month started off on a good foot (literally) with healthy eating, cute outfits, running, and reading encouraging words

running with Britt

girl’s night food 🙂 paninis and sweet potato fries

rainy day attire

Ephesians 1 reading for She Reads Truth

Reading in my car
((like my sweet pen?))

– The 2012 NC State Fair! (It was my first time in years, so of course I had to photograph everything! 😉 ) You can see most of my pictures in the post.

Pappy’s Old Fashioned Ginger Ale!

deep fried Reese’s

Deep fried PUMPKIN PIE


– lunches al fresco 

Noodles & Co with Padre


– an emotional visitation and coping with the loss of my aunt

– one of the highlights of the month was seeing Milo Greene in concert!

Andrew and I after the show
(he’s one of five members of Milo Greene)

– Why don’t you go and Meet Lucius ((the band that opened for Milo Greene!)) 

– I officially was able to welcome an NC Fall to Durham, even if it did bring freezing cold temperatures in the morning! I sure do love Fall!

– spending quality time with my little cousins

Gabby’s first Duke football game!

G’s first Starbucks frapp!

– an honest post about how slow Sundays are for me… and how I feel on Sundays. 

– random Hey Guess What post

– two Friday Favorites posts sharing links, news stories, recipes & other random things. (here and here)

 – an afternoon in Central Park spent exploring, taking pictures, and eating lots of delicious sweets!

– a Halloween post

– post about Life and how it sneaks up sometimes

Starbucks: fail.

dinner of champs 🙂

the Burt’s Bee cow

Mischievous Max chewing on my brush

visited the new downtown Durham Cupcake Bar!

Froyo, enough said 🙂

– I bought moccasins!

I so wanted to buy these.

Instead, I got these and I looooove them!

– my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary! 

25th Anniversary flowers

bro, me, cousin Ryan after our aunt’s funeral

Silly memory of me and my aunt on a family vacation back in the day!

I got to snap this photo early one morning

dark chocolate bar!

cookies in da oven

– Ashley & I began planning a trip to California over the New Year!!!


more CA planning on a Saturday night

the aftermath of a stressful lesson with my student

My moniker at Which Wich. Appropriate for this week, no? #Sandy

I like flowers. I like flowers in my room a lot.

snuggly puppy!

– What would you caption the photo below??? 

[I’ve always wanted to snap a photo of it and I finally did yesterday! It’s on the walkway at UNC to the hospitals and means “no pedestrians” but I don’t think that’s as funny as it could be]

*Insert witty caption here*

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out other months in review: July, August, September.

How was your October???


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