I’m not a big fan of Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love candy. I love being hospitable to people, even if it is just opening a door and handing out candy that I didn’t snarf down. And I sure do love pumpkins, although they are synonymous with Halloween AND Thanksgiving 😉

I guess I just don’t enjoy the holiday like I did as a child.

The last time I actually participated in Halloween (dressing up and getting candy) was as a 13-year old in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I was Dorothy Gale (because duh, it’s my favorite movie) and I had made the entire costume down to the sparkly red heels. It was a magical night and although I passed quite a few other Dorothy’s, people kept commenting on my dress saying it was “perfect!” and “great!” and that they loved my shoes. I felt super special, not going to lie.

In the nine years since then, I haven’t really done much to acknowledge the holiday other than eat copious amounts of candy and admire/mock/judge people’s costumes from afar.

In high school I would stay at home and hand out candy and watch old scary movies on Turner Classic Movies.

In college, we would decorate our dorms and have candy for kids other students. Freshman year it was actually fun to decorate (our theme was board games and we chose Life), but after that I was bored with it.

We dressed up as girls and boys for the game of Life

Sophomore year of college, I carved a pumpkin for the first time in forever. It turned out kind of crappy so I won’t even show you the final picture.

One year in college, I did go to a pretty awesome corn maze with some friends. We went in the daylight though so does that even count as a fun Halloween activity?

And then last year my friends had a Halloween party … but none of us dressed up 🙂

We ate all sorts of orange foods and had a jack-o-lantern pizza! We decorated/carved pumpkins, snacked on pumpkin pie, and watched Hocus Pocus. It was definitely one of the best Halloweens I can remember!

Sheldon the Albino Pumpkin cost me a whopping $10.

Pumpkin rice krispies!

other orange goodies

Jack the pumpkin pizza!

My pretty albino pumpkin!

finished products!

ze artistes! (kitty cat Lila photobombed this big time!)

haunted house

Yeah, last year was a great Halloween!

This year, I donated platelets, drank a pumpkin spice latte, and spent the rest of the day working. Currently, I’m sitting at the front desk at work greeting our students & tutors as they walk in, and offering them candy. Earlier, when the cutest little boy came in with his dad for class, I gave him candy AND an owl coloring sheet. The smile on his face was adorable! 🙂

Ok, so maybe I lied and it took this post to reassure myself that I do, deep down inside semi-like Halloween as an adult. It provides you with an excuse to cut open/paint a giant gourd, eat lots and lots of sugar, and scare children watch scary movies.

But next year, I will plan a Halloween party! 😉 Who wants to come???


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