Friday Favorites


It’s that time again, folks. FRIDAY. And you know what that means… random links from around the globe Internet that I wanted to share! Get ready to rumble! Or rock-n-roll. Or read…

Did you know the capybara is the world’s largest rodent? Yeah, fact of the day!

I tried this Lightened Up Butternut Skillet Shells from How Sweet it is, and I am officially in love with butternut squash. Sure, peeling and cutting it was a bear, but the hearty, fall-y flavor was worth it. So good!

“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak was adapted for the stage in Chicago. I read half the book a few years ago, and really enjoyed the unique point of view and storyline.

Emily Loerke from Today’s Letters posted about camping & hiking Yosemite’s Half Dome. I really want to be her friend. Looks like such fun!

I found out about Threads of Hope, whose goal is to “break the cycle of poverty through strategies that empower the economically disadvantaged.” I just love the concept of helping people in other countries!

Fun way to brighten up kitchen utensils:

According to Klout, my influential topic suggestions included Indiana, parenting, moms, soccer, video, Chicago Bulls, the Lion King, and gift cards. Wow. I don’t even know.

This newlywed couple danced their way through six countries on their honeymoon and made a video to share with their family. They knew there would be too many pictures to share with family and friends, so they opted to make a video! Check out the video here.

Article : How Should Christians Date? from Relevant magazine. It’s basically obvious knowledge, but it was was good for me to read it.

Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe from Farmgirl Gourmet. Mmm.

Books that everyone 20-something woman should read. Of course I love this article because #1- I love reading. And #2- I love getting book suggestions! Ladies, have you read any on the list?

Speaking of books, here’s how to design the perfect bookmobile according to Erin. Her post was on Freshly Pressed last week!

UNC has a TransAtlantic Masters Program! Apparently I’ve been living under a rock. What an awesome major!

I jumped on the tea bandwagon a few days ago and was curious about caffeine content. I like this infographic!  (I’m a visual learner)

Green tea might help women ward off some cancers. Article here.

How to be friends with people radically different from you. From Good Women Project.

A Pennsylvania man had a close encounter with Bigfoot earlier this week. Apparently he’s a ‘Bigfoot hunter’ so I’m kind of confused as to why he didn’t have cameras up like they do on the show that I may have seen once or twice. He described the attacker as “large, hunched & hairy.” No surprises there!

Yelp’s suggested first date spots in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area! I’ve never been to any of them, hint hint 😉

This week, Sevenly is raising money to get girls out of sex slavery. It’s through the nonprofit Destiny Rescue.

In case you hadn’t heard, Duke football is having a kick-butt season. It’s the best they’ve played in YEARS, and they are now eligible for a bowl game after their win over big-time rival UNC this past weekend. It came down to the wire and I was so nervous during those last few minutes of playing time! They won 33-30.

Baboons raided tourists’ car near Cape Town. Is that not creepy?! #attackofthebaboons

As an AmeriCorps member, this week we’ve been encouraging and educating our students on voting and the importance of it. We printed off a bunch of these posters and hung them up over our building. Are you going to vote?

This one is one of my favorites.

Just because swimsuit season is over, it doesn’t mean you should stop working out Meredith. Try this Ab Challenge:


This weekend:

Need plans in Durham this weekend? Go to the Food Truck Rodeo in Central Park! I’ve always heard such GREAT things about them, so I’m planning on going! There are going to be 53 food trucks there! You can check out a map of all the truck locations here.

The Morehead Planetarium is doing a special Halloween star show this weekend.

The nonprofit nature center, Noah’s Landing, is having a Halloween Spooktacular!

The NC Zoo in Asheboro has Boo at the Zoo Saturday & Sunday. Kids can dress up and get candy… at the zoo. How fun!

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is having a special Natural History Halloween on Saturday.

Oh, and tonight is the Durham Monster Dash. I bet that’s going to be EPIC!


Other than the Food Truck Rodeo, I plan on getting the invitations done for my little cousins bat birthday party, pulling out my cooler-weather clothes, and doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. All while taking care of both my little cousins. Exciting weekend plans, I know! 🙂

Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


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