Meet Lucius


I love introducing people to “new” music. Take for example my posts about Milo Greene, Of Monsters and Men, my Durham Bulls soundtrack, and the random recent favorite tunes post. And you may remember how I simply love live music. It moves me. Despite the fact that I have zero musical talent (besides the fact that I can play a few songs like Fur Elise on the piano, and sing loudly in my car), music captivates me.

Call me a nerd, but I love music. Hardly a moment of my day goes by without something playing in the background of my day-to-day activities. And whether it’s classical (WCPE, what’s up?!), a youtube playlist, trying out new albums & artists on Spotify, or listening to beloved tunes on iTunes, I seem to be surrounded by music for most of the day.

My love of music is ever-growing, too, and that’s something I love. I’m not one of those people tied to any genre or era of music… I’m constantly on the look out for new groups, artists, musicians, tunes to listen to. (So send any suggestions my way!)

Just last week, I discovered yet another group. They fall into the Indie category, which I am learning to enjoy more and more.

Meet : Lucius.

Lucius consists of five members, the two leading ladies (seen above) Jess and Holly,  and guitar/bass/percussion/crazy energetic stage presence made up of Peter, Dan, and Andrew.

Actually, that’s a lie– they all have a crazy energetic stage presence that just makes you want to move. I found myself moving in rhythm with the music, body rocking, hands clapping, wishing I knew all the words so I could sing along…and I had never even heard of Lucius until Friday! (Yes, I must have been living under a rock)

There is something to be said about an up-and-coming group and the intensity that they can bring to any given crowd at any given venue. The Local 506 isn’t a huge place, but it was packed. The performers really have to know how to work such a small stage and large audience. And Lucius has that mastered. Their energy permeated into the crowds and received roaring applause following their set.  (I think it’s safe to say that everyone there is now a Lucius fan…)

My favorite part of Lucius’ performance? When they came down off the stage, unplugged, and into the middle of the floor. Feet away from me, they belted out Buddy Holly’s ‘It Don’t Matter Anymore‘ and had everyone’s undivided attention. It was very impressive.

Everything down to their attire was bold and energetic. The girls wore matching black dresses with bows in their hair, and the guys all had bow ties! (and killer ‘staches) 

Lucius looked and sounded good.

Lucius at Local 506


Seventeen describes them with “sweet and dark, is the perfect way to describe the moody and brooding yet ethereal and luminous quality of Lucius’ songs.”

New York Times uses “Luscious, luminous, lilting lullabiesto describe Lucius.

And there’s another review by NK on Earbuddy, if you want to check that out.


I’m not here to critique their music, give you a play-by-play of the set they played, or to give you an annotated bibliography of their past performances & history. No, I’m simply here to enlighten you on Lucius and give you more fun music to try out! I really enjoyed them Friday night and who knows, maybe I’ll see them perform again?!

Their 4-track EP is available on iTunes! (and if Turn It Around doesn’t make you want to sing along, I don’t know what will)

Find them:

                                                                     Facebook                                                            Twitter


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