Hey Guess What


Ya remember my tweet Sunday night at 10:17 saying that-

“I have 4 blog posts drafted and waiting to be published this week. Say what??? #blogging ” ???

Well… it was true. I did have 4 drafts.  I still have 3. But somewhere between work, eating (it’s a priority) and trying to have somewhat of a social life, I haven’t had time to edit the posts, therefore I haven’t published them. I know all of you are upset 😉

Anyways, I have a few random things to share today so I thought I would do another edition of:  Hey guess what?

… my mom found out she has Vertigo yesterday. She’s been having really bad headaches lately and been really tired. I blame the new car.

… Padre had a cardiology appointment the other day and the docs say he’s a-okay! Huge relief & answered prayer!

… Bro had a dentist appointment this morning and they numbed his mouth. Not gonna lie, it was hilarious listening & watching to him talk to me. I remember just how extremely weird it feels having a numb mouth- you can’t even feel your chin and your mouth feels giant. Good times.

… I’ve been on a fast food freeze and haven’t eaten at Chickfila in months. Already this week I’ve eaten there twice. Sheesh. That Christian chicken sure is addicting.

… I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot this week. I like it. Makes me feel like I look smarter 🙂

… After work last night (9:30), I went to the movies with a guy I haven’t seen or talked to in a while. He paid. I still don’t know if it was considered a date or not…? I guess we’ll see.

… I actually have weekend plans! Sure, they involve work, CPR training, Duke football, and errands, but it should be exciting.

… I’m bummed I missed the debate last night, but thanks to twitter, Facebook, and KC and Carmen, I feel up-to-date with some of the topics and discussions. Did you watch? Favorite moments from either candidate?

… I haven’t been running in a week. My 5K is in 3. SNAP.

Panera’s menu is amazing. I would like to try one of everything!

… Today Jimmy John’s has $1 subs from 11a-3p! I might take Padre and bro out to lunch 🙂

… I’ve really been trying to stay in the Word lately. It’s so encouraging, but I’ve been feeling so unworthy of everything. I started the new She Reads Truth plan in Ephesians Monday, and this was an important reminder for me:

… I attempted to make a smoothie this morning with a banana, vanilla protein powder, and milk and lets just say that it was…uh…interesting. Fail.

… I’m going to be tailgating before the Duke football game Saturday and I want to take some kind of dip & dessert. And possibly something healthy to go alongside the hot dogs 😉 Ideas?

… I’m driving to Greenville, NC tomorrow for the first time. Work training at ECU. Should be fun boring.

… Apparently when I’m sitting in my car, I attract sketchy people. Three times in the past week, people have come up to me while I’m sitting in a parking lot, at a stoplight, or at the ATM, and they’ve asked me for money or help.

… I used to go to Chimney Rock State Park every summer, but haven’t been in years. I miss it and would love to take a trip this fall! Anyone wanna go?!

… Max isn’t such a puppy anymore! He is one crazy, sweet & spoiled puppy and I love him to pieces. Despite the fact that he’s annoying when he chews anything of mine, he is a good little snuggler!

Sleeping under my chair

… Yes I took the time to type all this out instead of editing one of my drafted posts. They’ll just have to wait for another day 😉


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