September in Review


Adios September, Hola October!

Whew, the month of September FLEW by. Already, fall has made its presence known in the great state of North Carolina, and I couldn’t be happier. I really love fall.

It seems like I didn’t blog much during September. Well, not many memorable posts at least. Here’s what I got for ya, plus lots of cell phone pictures 😉

I blogged about the wreck my family and I were in. 

September 11 – Remembering

Three “new” restaurants I’ve discovered in Durham!

a slice from Lilly’s

An honest post about how I’ve been feeling that something is missing in my life.

My adult literacy student read his first book! It was a big deal. 

I posted about some music : Of Monsters & Men and my summer Durham Bulls soundtrack.

Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas anyone???


Friday favorites here and here.

I went to the annual Greek Festival in Raleigh and pigged out on food. (gyro, fries, fried kalamari, baklava sundae, donuts…)

baklava sundae!

I started the weekly tradition of FROYO FRIDAY! with two coworkers

I went to the Triple-A baseball championship and the Reno Aces won!


lil bro and me. we’re goofs.

kisses for Max!

rainy Sunday


coffee while on front desk duty!

Galatians reading

homemade vegetable soup + swiss grilled cheese on whole wheat bread = best fall meal ever!

I sat on a rooster in downtown Durham! 🙂

chai sugar cookies (recipe coming this week!)

first 1,000 piece puzzle of the weekend DONE #nerd

Cowbot! ((downtown Durham))

Texas Pete truck!

Aces WIN!

Duke football!

there’s a porta potty in between the lanes on 147
Oh the things you see in Durham

What were the highlights of September for you???


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