Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!!! It doesn’t feel like Friday to me… honestly it feels like next Monday!  This week has been crazy busy at work, I’ve been testing students like woah, and I’ve already worked over 40 hours. I’m not at work yet, but I plan on going in today long enough for a staff meeting, lunch, working on my timesheet, then heading out of the office around 4:30 for a run! Boom. What’s your Friday schedule looking like?

Here are a few favorites I’ve found this week that I wanted to share:

Check out these 51 creative business cards! Some of them are super cool! Have you ever created unique business cards like these?

Did ya hear about the morning-after pill becoming available for high school students in New York City?! Am I the only one who thinks that’s absolutely ridiculous? Article on USAToday here.

This lemon poppy seed zucchini bread looks amazing! Probably going to be making some loaves tonight!

I’ve played this number game on Sporcle a few times this week and still am frustrated I can’t get them all within the time limit!Have you been to any of these canyons? They’ve been dubbed the world’s 7 best canyons. And they are now on my “travel to” list! 🙂

10 reasons to practice a shoulderstand everyday via Mind Body Green. This is actually a fairly easy yoga pose that anyone could probably do!

I emailed my mom yesterday with the subject line “My wedding venue” with a link to the Cotton Room at Golden Belt in Durham. Yes yes yes. She told me I better start saving!

The real little Alice who inspired Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

I discovered the Urban Sketchers. And I think it’s pretty cool.

22 Things You’re Doing Wrong. Hmm… are you doing many of these things wrong? The blender cleaning method is new to me, as well as juicing a lemon with tongs! Genius! But, I have to admit I’ve been doing some of those things forever… like peeling a banana from the bottom, the pomegranate eating, folding fitted sheets, etc.

Any Durham locals ever been to the Blend Cafe? Looks like a neat place and I’m hoping to try it out sometime soon! 🙂

Cinnamon Swirl Apple Flapjacks recipe from Mrs. Crocker herself. YUM.

 The Hatteras lighthouse is open for full moon tours tomorrow! How cool?! I’m ashamed to say I’ve never visited a North Carolina lighthouse.

Check out this awesome Durham Bulls Athletic Park camera! (For those of us with Bulls baseball game withdrawals already)

And finally, my motto for the weekend life:

yes please


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