Hey Guess What


Hey guess what?!

((AKA random tidbits about my life currently. AKA most boring post ever.))

– I went to Target yesterday to buy floss. The one time I don’t have it in my purse or at work, is when I need it. Go figure.

– While at Target, I splurged on coffee. AKA I spent about $4 on it. Dang it, Starbucks and your pumpkin flavored drinks.

– My mom finally got a new car since hers was totaled nearly a month ago. Oh, and Padre is still undergoing different tests to find out what happened/if anything is wrong.

– Did you know I’m training for the Color Me Rad 5K that’s a month from today?! Well yeah, I am. And not doing a very good job of training seriously. I’ve been trying to run every other day, but once I get to the point where my breathing is staggered and rough, I stop and take a walking break. Clearly, I don’t want to walk during the race. Any tips on how to train? ((PS. If you want to sign up, do so soon before prices go up!))

– We have new neighbors! A boyfriend + girlfriend + their 2 dogs. Aww.

– I started watching the show Flashpoint on Netflix, and so far so good! I’m only on episode 5, but the show is making me consider a drastic career change! 😉

– My nails are painted Essie’s “School of Hard Rocks” this week. Call me crazy, but I really like this color!

awkward nail picture of School of Hard Rocks!

– Apparently the group Delta Rae is from my hometown! … and I’ve been seeing a lot about them on twitter lately… so I finally gave them a listen. Post coming next week, but in the meantime, watch this video!

– Sometimes certain people make me want to cuss and say bad things about them when they do or say certain things. Argh. Just getting that out there. ((Because I don’t like to cuss!))

– Finding out about Sevenly was a bad idea… I keep wanting to buy shirts every week!!!

– I need a cupcake. Like ASAP. #singlegirlproblems

– My student read a book for the third time Tuesday in class and thankfully we weren’t quite as emotional as the first time reading it.

– I’ve decided my future apartment/home is going to have an exposed brick wall. If you know me, you know that I love brick, and a brick wall in my casa would be amazing!

– I still have this group on replay in my car. SO GOOD.

– When my coworkers make me drive everywhere it ticks me off. Especially when they don’t offer to help pay for gas.

– Someone called work last night asking if we were Domino’s. Had I thought quickly enough, I could have said, “yes, what would you like?” and “it will be there in 30minutes.” :p

– I have 5 people scheduled for evaluations today and so far only one has showed up! And he was on time. I love punctual people!

– I’m blogging at work. Boom.

– I made these quinoa sliders Monday night and oh my my they are soooo good!

– I was the last to leave work last night (had to lock up) and the first to get here this morning. Something’s wrong with that, no?

What’s going on in your life lately???


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