The Power of a Midweek Workout


Do you ever have those, “what in the world am I doing?!” thoughts???

I don’t know if I’m happy or ashamed to say that I don’t have those thoughts very often. Last night, however, I definitely was thinking that.

This week I started a new job. With it came lots of packing, heavy lifting, cleaning, unpacking, organizing, sweat, and exhaustion daily. (We just bought a new building and this was our first week in it!) I’ve gone home late and been so tired that I’ve hardly eaten dinner; merely taken a hot bath, read a few chapters of Anna Karenina, spent time online and crashed into bed around 11. What I haven’t had time for this week is cooking, blogging, and working out. Three things that usually make my weeks fun and interesting!

Anyways, back to my “what in the world am I doing?!” moment yesterday…

I got off work around 5:20. Without much thought, I instinctively started driving towards downtown Durham, an area I’ve grown to love as of lately. I pulled into the familiar sketchy parking garage on Corcoran and parked in the least creepy spot available. I popped open my trunk, grabbed my bag with my workout clothes, and headed towards Bull City Yoga.

If you follow me on twitter or talk to me at all, you might know that Friday is my yoga/explore Durham night with a friend. It helps me unwind after my week, and get charged up for the weekend. It’s my little weekly routine and I love it. But I also love change.

So when I walked up and was greeted by Ali with a, “it’s Wednesday, what are you doing here?” I knew I was in for a treat. After paying and changing and setting my mat up on the far wall (I feel most comfortable on the side of the room), I began to get in yoga mode. Easier said than done.

Random discouraging thoughts ran through my mind during the minutes leading up to class. Especially when I heard another student say, “I ran 9 miles this morning.” I haven’t even had time to run 9 miles, but gosh, way to make me feel inferior. Then there were thoughts of, “do I even have time to be here? What about all the other stuff I have to get done tonight? Is this yoga class going to break my budget?” etc.  When class started I was still on edge from the day, and my mind wasn’t in yoga mode. Argh.

I will spare you the details of how many balance poses we did and how I couldn’t hold them the whole time, how my shoulders started shaking from all the planks and push-ups we did, and how sweaty I was during class. Ick. When I was in half-crescent pose trying to keep my balance, I was thinking, “what in the world am I doing?!” When I was in bow pose trying to lift my chest and thighs higher off the floor, I was thinking, “what in the world am I doing?!” And when I was doing a standing split and I just couldn’t get my left leg any higher, I was thinking, “what in that world am I doing?!”

What I won’t spare you the details of is how energized, refreshed, strong I felt after class. I guess you could call it a yoga high of sorts. I was tired, thirsty, sweaty, shaky, but man oh man I felt good. So good. Maybe a spontaneous yoga class every now and then is a good thing! 🙂

After thanking Ali for an intense yoga class that kicked my butt, I walked out with grand plans for productivity the rest of the night. I even went to Whole Foods for dinner! (say what?!) Yeah, that place scares me, but after yoga I was unstoppable 😉

And you know what? It didn’t stop there. I got home, ate a few bites from my delicious box of goodness from Whole Foods (that included salad, fruit, couscous, Mediterranean salad), got laundry done, played with and fed the dogs, paid a bill. Then, the biggest shocker of all… I went running!  1 mile, to be exact. It was amazing.

I slept like a log last night. Best sleep I’ve gotten in days.

Never underestimate the power of a midweek workout. Trust me, although I was exhausted, stressed, tired before yoga class, afterwards I felt so amazing. And it was great. I didn’t think I had time to spare to workout, but I made time… and the feeling after I did was priceless.

Sometimes that “what in the world am I doing?!” thought can be good because it means you are doing something good for yourself. Working out is definitely something that I think everyone should do, in some form or fashion. Whether it’s walking, running, swimming, yoga, boxing, etc. It’s good for your body and although you may be sore as all get out afterwards, it means you worked your body. And that’s a good thing!

So my little big advice for today is : work your body. Take time for a midweek workout. Push yourself. Although your body may regret it, your mind won’t! It’s GOOD for you to get up and move! 🙂

Passed this familiar sight on the way to yoga

my yum yum Whole Foods box. Fact: I ate it for 3 meals.

my view on the way home. I ❤ sunsets!


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