My Favorite Things About the Durham Bulls


There are only 5 Durham Bulls games left this season. This seriously upsets me. 

You see, I’m no diehard baseball fan. Sure, I can appreciate a good play, yell at the umpires, and cheer when a player makes it to base, but I don’t know all the terms or rules. I simply enjoy watching the game and learning more about it at the same time. And to me, the best baseball games are the ones you physically go to… forget sitting at home in front of the tv watching it. I have to be there watching the action firsthand. (And keeping my eyes peeled to the field in case of fly balls!)

I have been to many a Durham Bulls game this summer, and it’s been absolutely grand. Because I’m such a seasoned Durham Bulls game-goer, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things about games.

1. The Beautiful Ballpark

I mean, come on. The Durham Bulls Athletic Park is so pretty! I don’t know if it’s the office buildings in the outfield, the classic Lucky Strike tower smokestack that can be seen from the stadium, the big Bull that’s been there as long as I can remember, or if it’s the pretty green field itself that I love… but I think the DBAP is so nice!

I would love to work in one of those buildings

Lucky Strike

the iconic Bull

2. The food

Ok so I’m not a huge ballpark food fan. But funnel cakes, peanuts, cinnamon roasted almonds, and Rita’s Italian Ice??? Heck yes! 🙂 The DBAP has a great selection of food and drink for everyone! And Thursday nights are $1 nights for hotdogs, popcorn & drinks! Perfect night for someone on a budget 🙂

“buy me some peanuts …”
This one particular game, I tore through the bag! And left a mess behind…oops!

I prefer Bulls funnel cakes over the ones at the State Fair. Call me crazy

chicken fingers and fries. I feel like a little kid again

3. The sweet staff

I have yet to go to a game where I wasn’t greeted with a smile or a “hello! Enjoy the game!” from a staff member. When I’m not sure where my seat is, the staff is more than willing to help me. Everyone is so friendly, and I credit that to the Southern hospitality offered by my fellow Durham locals 🙂  Keep up the good work, y’all! And the grounds crew? They have really stepped things up a notch this season with the extra pretty field and the occasional dancing. Too bad I don’t have a picture of the dancing.. I’m usually too busy laughing or clapping.

Here’s a video of the grounds crew dancing :

4. The media

From the video board, the roaming cameras, the play-by-play tweets, and the music, everything is top notch at the Bulls stadium. And as you may know, I love music. Music can make or break an event for me. And the people in charge of the music at the DBAP know what’s up. The music played is so upbeat and so good that it makes me sing along, and has caused me to buy more music on itunes. (not a good thing!) And the players this season have chosen great walk-up songs. I usually tweet @DurhamBulls and ask the name of a song if I’m unsure, then I add it to my playlist. I’ll post the songs next week, since I’ll be somewhat in denial that the season is over.

5. The fans.

People-watching is so fun. And I get to do a lot of it at the games (unless I sit first/second row from the field! Horrible choice in seats. KIDDING!) Bulls fans are some of the greatest, but then again I am a little biased. People proudly wear their Bulls t-shirts. Little kids have oversized Bulls caps on, holding Bulls baseballs and Sharpies, trying to get an autograph from a player. Grownups carry their baseball gloves around, anxiously awaiting a fly ball to come into their section. Then there are the crazy fans who get a little too rowdy on weekends, yelling at the players on the opposing team, and sometimes saying things that aren’t so nice. There are also the dedicated fans who stick around through multiple rain delays, and stay until the game is finally called at 11:00-something on a Monday night. (True story) All in all though, the fans make the atmosphere even better.

Two of the biggest Bulls fans this season??? Ashley and me! 🙂 We seriously tried to make it to a game a week, when the Bulls were in Durham. And then there were special occasions when a game would get rained out and we could come back the next day for a double-header. So fun.

at another sunny Saturday game

that one time we waited out 2 rain delays on a Monday night….

6. The players

The Durham Bulls is meaningless without the players. Sure there’s the beautiful ballpark, the food, sweet staff, fun fans, and good music, but without the players, there is no Durham Bulls. And the Bulls have some great players. I don’t know any of them personally, but I can tell that they are all really good guys who love Dunkin’ Donuts. (and they’re pretty funny on twitter) I mean, being a minor league baseball player is a big ordeal… you’re on the road a lot, have a tight schedule, not much free time to travel, and are away from family and friends. Knowing that makes me respect the guys a lot more; especially the ones with little families of their own.

after one of the first games this season, the players signed autographs

Gomes & Mangini; April 2012

7. It’s America’s favorite pastime. 

I have been to games with so many friends this summer, and it’s been awesome. A night at the ballpark is such a classic American summer treat, and it has definitely brightened my life this year in particular. After a stressful day at work, there’s nothing better than sitting back, eating a funnel cake, sipping on a Cheerwine, and watching a good baseball game. Nothing better! Now what am I going to do with my evenings?!

perfect view for a July game!
(thanks Ken for the tickets!)

dark clouds rolling in…


tarp on the field


while there’s a rain delay, we watch the Olympics!

our bright shoes!

lovely night for a game!

never get tired of this view


another night, another view

my view last night

BULLS win!!!

I could add an eighth point to my list of favorite things about Durham Bulls games: it brings people together. Families, friends, coworkers, all crowd into the park to enjoy a baseball game.

Other notables that didn’t make the list: Wool E Bull. The Durham Bulls store. The Play Ball books with fun stories in them. All the deals that you can get after the game with your ticket. The atmosphere of the ballpark.

Have you ever been to a Durham Bulls game? If not, I highly recommend you catch one of the last five games! Connect with the Durham Bulls in these various ways online::

Check out the Bulls official site here

You can buy tickets here ((Tonight is Military Appreciation Night!))

Sign up for SocialBulls here

Follow @DurhamBulls here

Follow @BullsGameday here


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