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Well, it’s been a while since I last shared some of my favorite music with you (thank you : Milo Greene) and because I don’t have much else to write about today, I thought I would share more music I’m loving lately!

I am constantly on the search for new music. Constantly. One day I will be listening to Pitbull and Far East Movement at work, the next day it’s Abba and the Hairspray soundtrack, and the next day I’m listening to Ray LaMontagne and Jake Owen. Yes I love a wide variety of music! So I’m always thankful when a friend shares a favorite artist, when iTunes has a decent new free download, or when I hear a song at a Durham Bulls game that I like!

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Ho Hey – The Lumineers

This song has literally been on repeat. I love it and the other tracks on their record “The Lumineers.” And I’m mad at myself for not going to their show in NC this past weekend. Argh.

Back in Black – AC/DC

I realize I am 32 years behind on this song, but when it comes on the radio I can’t help but break out into my best air guitar and drums… at the same time. I probably look like an idiot driving around singing and playing my invisible instruments, but who cares? I sure don’t. And at the Durham Bulls baseball games, they play this song and then get someone playing their air drums on the big screen in outfield…it’s usually cute but I could do better 😉

Kiss – Maroon 5

Love this song. It just makes me smile. I realize it is a little inappropriate. But “I just want your extra time and your . . . . . . .kiss!” 

Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz

Again, I am wayyy behind on this song, as it’s almost as old as me. But I still like it 🙂 And the guitar and drums in this song? Ohh yes!

Wanted – Hunter Hayes

This song makes me swoon. He can make me feel wanted anytime.

Under Pressure – Queen, David Bowie

The beginning of this song always catches me off guard, as I’m expecting this classic, but I really like this song! I’ve caught it on the radio quite a bit lately and rocked out to it every time!

Somebody – Jukebox the Ghost

“I want it, I need, I want somebody.” Don’t we all? I really like their sound. The dancers and random people in the background of this video make me laugh.

Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand 

Welcome Home – Radical Face

Simply put, there’s just something about this song that I love. It’s my go-to song on the bus ride home when I can’t decide what to listen to.

C’mon Talk – Jarle Bernhoft 

Bro introduced me to Jarle last year and I reallllly like him! This song is just super cool. He is Norwegian and you would never guess by just his voice! (But his name, perhaps) Too bad this isn’t on itunes… I would download it in a second!

Ok so I kind of got carried away with the 10 songs above, but I was on a roll! There are so many more that I’ve been listening to a lot lately and would love to share. Next week, look for my Durham Bulls playlist featuring songs played at games! 🙂 It’s pretty great if I may say so myself.


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