Freshman Year Flashback


With colleges starting back up all over the country, I thought it appropriate to do a quick flashback to my freshman college days. (besides this one I did back in February)

I was young… 18. A North Carolina native transplanted into upstate South Carolina, knowing only one person on the entire campus. My major was undecided, I was sure I would get lost trying to find my seat in chapel (we had chapel 2x a week and were required to go), and scared about gaining the “Freshman 15.” I had no car, no job on campus, and no plans to get involved with any clubs/sports. I was excited yet nervous about what the next 4 (which turned into 3 1/2!) years held for me in college.

As the days and weeks and months passed, I quickly met more people, found my chapel seat without a problem, and eventually decided on a major. I still didn’t have a car, but got a Spanish tutoring job freshman year, and got involved in random ways on campus.

Here are some random pictures from freshman year, taken from my creative facebook albums. Seriously, I had 10+ albums from freshman year alone, and I always tried for the album names to be song lyrics or titles. Oh so silly. I’m telling ya, we were crazy. Not crazy in the typical college sense, but in our own way. And I had so much fun.

Like that one time my friends and I went “water sliding” all over campus one night when there was standing water everywhere. Or when I joined a bowling league and learned to bowl like a pro. (who am I kidding?!) Or trips to Dunkin’ to pick up a dozen donuts. Or random drives through the mountains. Or a day trip in a small mountain town. Or Walmart runs 3 times a week. Or decorating our dorm for a LIFE themed Halloween. Or making little videos while cleaning our bathroom.

The memories just keep coming back…

From looking back at random snapshots from my freshman year, I have deducted a few things:

1. I went to Walmart A LOT.

2. I developed a love for Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee.

3. I learned a lot about baseball and went to lots of games.

4. I made a bunch of crazy faces that I was oh too eager to share with facebook.

5. I still have a lot of the same clothes from college.

6. I don’t talk to many of the people I met freshman year anymore. (except for the special few! 🙂 )

7. The blonde highlights I had were a big mistake.

8. I thought a Mac Photobooth was the coolest thing. Now that I have a Mac laptop, I never use the Photobooth :/

Although things have drastically changed since August of 2008 when I moved into college, some  things have remained the same- I still feel that young. (except for when I try to run a 5K) I still try to enjoy life as much as I did freshman year. I still try to be as silly and fun-loving as I was. I still try to make friends.

How have you changed or stayed the same since your first year of college???


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