On Alcohol


Are you surprised to see those words coming from me? I figured it was time we had a little chit chat and I let you all know of my opinion of the stuff. Not that it’s going to affect anything between us, right?

Ok, so it starts way back when I was a little girl. Dad drank beer. He wouldn’t get drunk, but would drink a few cans on weekends, ya know, whatever. Then one day, he stopped. No more beer in the house, no more beers ordered at restaurants… he was done with it. So I wasn’t really around beer after the age of 6.

Skip on ahead to high school; when everyone is drinking. Yes, there would be parties every weekend at someone’s house and somehow or another, there was underage drinking going on. I know it happened at your high school too, I’m not dumb. And I wasn’t dumb enough to get caught at a high school party either. Yep, that’s right- I never went to one. The idea of going to someone’s house while their parents were out of town and their older cousin bought kegs of beer for teenagers just never appealed to me. Call me crazy. I never had alcohol until I was the legal age.

College is another story… I went to a small Christian school, where most people thought alcohol was of Satan. Just ask any of my classmates and they would probably agree. If you were caught drinking off-campus while you were a student, you’d get kicked out. On weekends late at night there was a gate-check and if security even suspected you had been drinking, you’d get kicked out. Any talk of the stuff was looked down upon. Rules are rules, and regardless of if you think they’re stupid or not, your butt better abide by them. Christians* aren’t supposed to drink. That’s what most people around me thought. I never thought that though, although that belief was kind of forced down on me.

Drinking never appealed to me, nor did it really entice me. Mainly because my family didn’t drink, my good friends at home and college didn’t drink, and people at church looked down on it.

One of my good friends at school, however, did drink. She was like my older sister in some aspects- she was married, had a house of her own, was really involved in her church, and kept alcohol in her house. Most weeks I would go over a few nights, do a load of laundry, and workout or watch Survivor and procrastinate on homework. Every now and then, she would pop open a beer and drink away. I never thought anything of it, nor did I think any less of her. She really helped me to see that it’s ok to drink… in moderation. And drinking doesn’t make you a bad person or Christian. 

I guess I had grown up associating drinking with drunkenness, and that’s definitely not always the case. And I honestly think that if your heart is right with God, drinking shouldn’t be a problem. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to go out and get wasted or anything because I’m “on good terms with the man upstairs”, but I’m saying that it’s ok for me to order a drink with my dinner. Or, heaven forbid, to buy alcohol and take it home to drink.

I bet lots of you reading this who know me, or maybe even go to church with me, might be shocked to read this for a few reasons. Number 1, you may have grown up with the same belief that Christians aren’t supposed to drink. Or, number 2, you might not think I’m the type of girl who would flash her ID at a restaurant just because she ordered a drink… because I feel like sometimes there’s a certain stigma placed upon people who drink alcohol. But I’m simply stating my beliefs and convictions, and I don’t think it’s wrong to drink in moderation. And I don’t think that drinking alcohol makes you any less or greater of a person or Christian. 

My views and opinions on alcohol have morphed throughout the years… I used to look down on it, and judge those who drank. Then, I slowly came to get used to it and stop judging people, especially my friends. Now, I accept it without any judging. I’m an adult and can make my own decisions. And you’re an adult and can make your own decisions. I know how to use good judgment and discernment, and although I don’t know exactly how tolerant my body is of alcohol, I know when enough is enough. (AKA, one drink! 😉 )

Because I’m new to the whole drinking thing, I really haven’t tried a lot. (Which is fine by me… some drinks are expensive!) What I have tried, and am totally in love with, is a mojito! Mmm, the lime and mint and rum is delicious. I’ve had a whopping two mojitos and slurped them down each time. So good.

Now here’s where I need your help- what are some fruity drinks you would recommend? 

I promise I’m not going to become that girl who goes out every night and gets a drink with her dinner; but I may splurge on weekends and get me a mojito! 😉 Wanna join?!


This delicious-looking mojito via

* I use the term Christian loosely in this post. My meaning of it here is “a Christ follower; someone who daily seeks Him and shows His love, reads the Bible, etc.” It seems like lots of people these days qualify themselves as “Christians” because they go to church once a month, or because they think that classifying themselves as that makes them “ok” spiritually. Y’all, that’s not the case at all. My definition of Christian, and the definition of the world’s is completely different. But that’s another post for another time. Stepping of my soapbox now. Hope I didn’t step on any toes.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “ So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”


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