A Question for Monday


Yesterday I went to a Celebration of Life for my friend who lost the battle with Leukemia. Way to end my weekend on a somber note, right? Wrong. There was not a wet eye in the room. (except for mine when I first hugged her parents) Instead, there were dozens of smiles, laughter echoing off the walls, and pictures of Renee with friends and family all over the room. It was a celebration of her life, not a visitation to console sad family.

As I stood off to the side of the room, sweet tea in hand, I people-watched. I watched her parents hugging everyone who walked in. I watched relatives taking pictures and video to keep in remembrance. I watched interactions between her friends. I was a fly on the wall at this Celebration of Life, and it really set my mind to thinking.

High school soccer coaches were there.

High school teammates were there.

Long-time childhood friends were there.

College coaches & trainers were there.

College teammates were there.

College friends were there.

A few middle school & high school teachers were there.

Her senior prom date was there.

Her family from New Hampshire was there.

People who had prayed for her were there.

People who had opened their homes so her family could stay close to the hospital were there.

People who had cooked meals to bring to the family were there.

People who had encouraged Renee in her walk with Christ were there.

Nurses who had cared for her were there.

People who had visited Renee during her time in the hospital were there.

SO MANY PEOPLE were there! People who had impacted Renee’s life, and people whom Renee’s life had impacted were there.

And since I was doing my thinking thing, I began to wonder how many people my life has affected. Who would come to celebrate my life, if I were to pass?

Would my favorite elementary teacher who I send Christmas cards to each year, come? Would my dance teachers, swim coaches, Spanish tutors, come? Would friends from high school who I don’t often talk to, come? Would my college roommates, classmates, professors, friends, come? Would my coworkers show up? What about the people who live on the same road as me? The bus drivers who drive me to and from work each day? The kind cashier at Kroger who I always share stories with? The baristas at my favorite coffee shops? The mechanic who I’m constantly calling with questions about my car? My Peruvian family & friends? The people I talk to on twitter? My facebook friends? Fellow bloggers?

Whose life have I truly impacted???

Bam. There’s the question for Monday:

Whose life are YOU impacting?


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