Four Eyes


Remember one of the insults little brats kids in elementary & middle school would use for people with glasses? They would call them “four-eyes.” Or wait, was that just in the movies??? 🙂

Actually, I was called that quite a lot in elementary school when one day I showed up in my third grade class wearing teal glasses with dolphins down the side arms of the frames. I loved them, but hated how my fellow classmates made fun of me. It was even worse when I got braces in middle school to match the equally dorky glasses. Middle school Meredith was a sight to behold. (All photo evidence of those three years has been burned so blackmail is not an option 😉

Thank goodness for contacts in ninth grade which somewhat saved my social status. I got my braces off that same year. Talk about a change in appearance! Contacts were a little rough to adjust to at first, but I came to love them and how much more confident I felt about my appearance. I hardly ever wore my glasses anymore.

Fast forward to now. Nowadays, it’s cool to have four eyes. It’s stylish. And after long days staring at a computer, my eyes are tired and my contacts are dry. But when I get home I don’t change into my glasses because they aren’t comfortable and they aren’t even my most recent prescription! I’ve been wanting to buy new glasses for months (belated birthday present?) and finally got around to looking and testing some out this past weekend.

I just want a cute & comfy pair that I could wear for hours without giving me a headache. My top 4 choices??? (Technically my top 3) See below and please vote! 🙂 I need help deciding!

And if you were wondering, yes it was awkward taking pictures of myself in a mirror in the optical section at Costco.

#1- I like the brown frames and the size of them… not too wide, not too small. But the arms of the frames are metal and brown and don’t look very natural next to the tortoisey shell style. They are comfortable though, which is a top priority!

Pair # 1

Pair #1, take 2

#2 – These are a reddish color frame, Coach brand, but I think they’re a little too wide for my eyes/face. I like the color but not digging the size.  The optical shop women workers liked these a lot but their opinions don’t do much for me in the decision-making process…

Pair #2

#3 – Ok so I tried these on as a joke but I looooved the tortoise shell frames! And as much as my twitter/Instagram friends like them, I can’t bring myself to spend $60 on them. I feel like they will probably only be “in style” for a little while longer, and I want a more classic pair. I’m weird, aren’t I?! 

Pair #3– The “hipster” glasses that I kind of sort of really like.

# 4– This was a random pair I picked up… I wasn’t too crazy about the purple frames or the Coach brand, but after wearing them a bit and re-trying them on a dozen times (no joke) I decided that I liked them a lot. I feel like they fit my face better, and let’s face it- not everyone has purple glasses… they’re different and I like that!

Pair #4- purple pair that I really like!

Ok, you may now place your votes until Saturday morning! That’s when I’m hoping to run by Costco and order new glasses 😉 Which pair do you like best?


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