Friday Favorites


I welcome change, and despite my strong urge to sit and simply type about everything going on in my life right now… all the ups and downs… I’m going to keep up with the regular Friday post: news stories and other fun things I’ve found online this week.

:: The Best of North Carolina State Parks.  I’m sad to say I’ve been to none. Exploring my own state is a must!

:: What are the most important needs in your life??? The 7 Greatest Human Needs. Which ones could you live without?

:: This recipe (and picture!) for Stuffed Caprese Bites has my mouth watering this morning. Umm, adding this to my “Things to Make” list for the weekend!

:: This pin makes me laugh. It’s such a true name!

:: Article: 11 Nonprofits that Excel at Social Media. I wish I knew more about marketing and social media because maybe someday I will work for a nonprofit.

:: An infographic about London hosting the Olympics!

:: Team USA’s 83 point win over Nigeria in basketball. Impressive, but was that really necessary? I didn’t see the game so I can’t really judge it, but still…

:: The Cow Parade is coming to NC! And I might be a volunteer. #nerd

:: An Ode to Watermelon. Yum

:: Duke divers Abby Johnston and Nick McCrory won medals at the Olympics! It’s been in the news a lot around here 🙂

:: Pluck-buffet was the word of the day yesterday. Extremely random.

:: Thanks to this post, camping in a redwood national park is on my bucket list. Anyone want to join me?

:: Evan Longoria has been on rehab assignment with the Durham Bulls the past few games, and he was in Durham last night! I had friends that were able to go, and I must say that I am was a little jealous 😉

:: How 1-minute intervals can improve your health. I love me some HIIT workouts. Super fast and effective.

:: Some inspirational quotes from Olympians past and present.

:: What’s your yogi name? Mine is Raja Mountain Rainstorm! I like it! 🙂

:: Wedding season singleness. Anyone else suffer from this? ;p

:: Buttermilk is such a cutie!


Look for all the little blessings in your life today. I know I am. Our AC is out and my friend is now in Heaven with Jesus, but I’ve been finding little things that have made me smile this morning… the man who let me in front of him on the bus this morning, holding the elevator for a stranger… Don’t let your circumstances get you down. Live life to the fullest.


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