Today, I Swam


Today, I swam.

Boy oh boy did it feel good.

It’s been over a year since I have jumped in a pool and swam laps. And gosh, I’ve missed it.

I grew up swimming and had a love-hate relationship with it in high school. (I still need to blog about that) In summers past, I haven’t had opportunities or places to swim laps so I haven’t done much of that. Last summer, I swam in the channel at the beach against the current… and that’s honestly the last time I had done any intense swimming.

Until today.

I spent the entire day poolside… it was amazing. I got to relax in the sun, catch up with my aunt (who has the pool in her neighborhood), watch planes fly by overhead, and swim laps… how could it not be an amazing day?!

Seriously, today gets an A+ in my books.

SO many people there!

We got to the pool around 10:30… not another soul around. My aunt and I floated, sunbathed, and gabbed. I had every intention of swimming laps but I lounged instead.

Hours passed, sunscreen was reapplied, and water was chugged down. (I went through 5 bottles in 7 hours!)

pool & clouds in my shades

Once people started coming for a swim, I kept telling myself, “when they leave, I will swim.” People came and went. No laps were swam.

4:00 rolled around and everyone was gone. I knew it was time to swim.

You see, I was kind of nervous… a year had passed since swimming last, and I guess I was nervous I would only be able to do a few laps. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to do the different strokes. I was nervous that all my swimming skills had left me.

I grabbed my goofy Speedo goggles (seriously, who looks cute wearing goggles?!), adjusted them on my head, and took a few deep breaths.

Three… two… one…

I pushed off the wall with all my strength and butterfly kicked until I had surfaced about halfway down the pool. Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe. Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, breath. I had a rhythm going. I was kicking with all my might, stroking my arms as quickly as I could… sprinting as a warm-up probably wasn’t the best choice, but oh well. One lap down. One to go.

Third lap I slowed down the pace by a landslide. Trying to catch my breath back after my sprint.

The next 8 laps, I crossed my ankles together and simply relied on my upper body strength to get me from one wall to the next. Whew, talk about a workout. I would sprint one lap and slow it down the next, all the while using my arms like crazy.

I did a lap of butterfly, three of breaststroke, two backstroke, and two of freestyle to end up my little afternoon swimming endeavor.

By the time I finished, I was breathing so heavy, heart was pounding, arms and shoulders were sore from their hard work. After I had chugged down a bottle of lukewarm water, ripped off my goofy goggles, and caught my breath, I couldn’t help but smile. I felt good and tired. Although I didn’t swim nearly as many laps as I used to be able to, I was proud of the few I had accomplished. I was proud there was still a swimmer inside of me. Still living up to my “mermaid” nickname.

Today, I swam. 



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