Friday Favorites


This week I have been a news-story-reading fiend. There have been many headliners and lots of news about the Olympics (which start today- WHO ELSE IS EXCITED?!) and lots of other random articles that have provided lots of “hmm’s” and smiles while at work. Take the time to read just a few… I promise they are interesting! 🙂



:: Rubber Bands vs Watermelon  — a sick video by the Slo Mo Guys. Is it dumb that I want to try that?

:: Did you know that lemurs are the most threatened mammals on the planet??? (as opposed to on another planet…duh)

::  Toe-Rag was the word of the day this past week on OED. Random word, yeah? Definition–>  Toe-rag: 1) A rag wrapped round the foot & worn inside a shoe, in place of a sock; 2) A tramp or vagrant; a despicable or worthless person.   (Source: OED)

:: Chapel Hill Magazine published an article with local olympians who are competing! Pretty cool.

:: Yoga reduces stress… would you ever have guessed?! Article that explains why, here.

:: Milo Greene performed “1957” on Letterman the other night! Video.

:: I’m sure by now you’ve seen the US Swim Team and their own version of “Call Me Maybe.” If not, here it is.


:: Oh, the debate on guns. Obama vs. AK-47s

:: Foods to boost your mood! Do you need any of these?

:: Volunteering our time makes us feel like we have more time. (article here) This is so true! I totally feel that way. Despite my busy schedule, when I make time to volunteer and help others, it just feels good and surprisingly not as busy.

:: The Staggering Beauty of Iceland’s Glacier Lagoon. Somebody take me there, please!!!

:: A cute & tiny pinecone necklace from Etsy!

:: Cinnamon Bun Protein Cake (recipe here) This seriously sounds delicious! Great way to use protein powder.

:: India’s President was sworn in on July 25th.

:: Guess Seattle won’t be seeing many Japanese anymore after Ichiro’s trade from the Mariners. Pretty crazy how a sports trade can cause a minor drop in the economy.

:: Time’s 20 Most Influential Americans of all time. Are any of those people whom you admire for their past achievements?

:: Interesting article on flexibility from Share it Fitness. Do you stretch?

:: Lastly, a cool commercial from AT&T. I’m kind of biased to Verizon, but this commercial makes me smile.


What news stories have you been reading this week???


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