Friday Favorites


I’m sure all you’ve heard about in the news today is the horrific shooting in Aurora, CO. Hopefully some of these news stories I’m going to share will bring a smile to your face, make you think, or even give you the urge to travel, read, or cook! 🙂


— The Duke football team cleaned up Duke’s campus! They do this every year and I think it speaks volumes about Coach Cutcliffe and the team.

— 6 Best Foods for runners! I’ll save you the read and go ahead and tell you: almonds, eggs, leafy greens, oranges, quinoa & sweet potatoes. (things I already eat lots of because they are so good!)

9 Really Strange Sports That Are no Longer in the Olympics. There are some really strange ones… but tug-of-war and rope climb- why don’t they still keep those?! I personally the distance plunging would be the most fun to try… even though I would be horrible at it! (it just has a funny name)

Silents Soar in San Francisco by Leonard Maltin. I had never been a fan of silent films until I saw The Artist earlier this year. LOVED it!

— A mouth-watering Chinese Chop Salad recipe that I really want to try soon!

Deep South Magazine has a Summer reading list for 2012. I sure wish I had time to read… I love a good book in the summertime!

— I just found out about the Colca Canyon in Peru this week. A friend went and her pictures were amazing! Definitely adding that to my “Travel To” list 🙂

Cañon del Colca

— 48 Tons of Silver was recovered from a WW2 shipwreck! It’s being called the “heaviest and deepest recovery of precious metals. Article here.

— Apparently the Great Wall of China has grown??? (I REALLY want to see this some day!)

— A post about relationships and respect from Cory Copeland.

— How to do interval training. (Something I’ve been doing lots of lately!)

— Do you know how many slaves work for you? Find out at Slavery Footprint. Kind of an eye-opener… I won’t share my results, but if you take this survey let me know what you think of your answer!

Oregon’s Crater Lake looks amazing. Who wants to visit it with me?!

— And now back to the tragedy that occurred last night: the Aurora Shooting. My heart breaks for those who were there and the families affected by it. This morning on different news channels I sat watching, praying, and so touched by the stories from victims. Some days, I hate the fallen world we live in. But I do hope everyone realizes that the US is not the only country mourning deaths today… a bomb in Thailand injured 8. A Bulgarian bus bombing killed 7.  Crazy explosions in Damascus. And so many other sad stories.

USA Today put together an interactive timeline with the worst mass shootings in US history. I hadn’t heard of some of the shootings, but most I had. If only none of those shootings had ever happened…


What news stories have caught your eye this week???


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