The Big Screen


What’s one of your top ten favorite movies of all time? You got one? Ok, so now think back to the first time you saw that movie… was it in theaters? At a friend’s house? At home?  How did you feel as you watched the story unfold, unknowing at the time that it would become one of your favorite movies?

One of my top ten is Singin’ in the Rain. I had seen bits and pieces of it on tv (Turner Classic Movies) but never the whole thing until my 15th birthday. My brother and I popped popcorn, opened a jar of sliced dill pickles (popcorn and pickles are a perfect combo!) and watched, for the first time, Singin’ in the Rain. After watching the 103 minute musical in its entirety, I knew it would become one of my favorites.

I bought songs from the film on itunes, I memorized lines, I shared it with friends. I even wrote a huge paper comparing a classic musical (Singin’ in the Rain, 1952) to a more modern one (Hairspray, 2007) in a film class senior year of high school. Analyzing the two films in such a way gave me a new appreciation for musicals, and made me love them even more.

Never in all my writings or watchings of Singin’ in the Rain did I imagine I would ever see the beloved musical on the big screen.

Thursday July 12, 2012 was the night that actually happened. Select theaters all over the country opened their doors and offered up a big screen for a special showing of Singin’ in the Rain. If you didn’t already guess, I’m a huge old movie nerd. Whenever I get a spare two hours or want to be a couch potato, I watch one on TCM, or I watch one of the many in my collection. Old movies trump modern movies any day in my book.

As the lights in the theater went out and people pushed their way down aisles to find decent seats, I sat there filled with excitement, anticipating one of my favorite movies on the big screen. I tried to stay silent as songs and lines I had memorized filled the speakers and laughs emitted from the audience. I laughed, I “aww-ed,” and I smiled as familiar scenes played in front of my eyes. And at the end, as Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds embraced, I couldn’t help but beam. What a perfect ending to a great story.

I don’t go to the movie theater very often, but in the past three months, I’ve seen two of my favorite old films on the big screen. (Casablanca & Singin’ in the Rain) And what a difference it makes. Nothing can compare to watching the story unfold on the big screen… it’s simply magical. Gene Kelly’s voice was more melodic, his dance moves more hypnotic in the theater. Debbie Reynolds’ smile lit up the screen. And Donald O’Connor’s hilarious sense of humor had everyone laughing.

Seeing Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen was a wonderful treat!

(Now, if TCM and Fathom Events want to release The Wizard of Oz on the big screen, that would be even more wonderful! 🙂

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