Bull City on Friday the 13th


Today was a great day. Full of new places, new people, and new experiences! And yes, you’re going to get a run-down of everything that happened. Just because I feel like typing and I’m bored… so why not blog, right?  🙂

9:00am :: met a friend for lattes and a chat about a possible job opportunity. We went to Guglhupf and oh my, the soy latte was soooo good! The atmosphere was vibrant and eclectic, and the feel of the place and people was wonderful overall! I will more than likely be going back in the near future. Saturday brunch there, anyone? 😉 So back to the possible job- It’s more like a part-time volunteering position, but I would get paid a monthly stipend. Basically it’s what I have wanted to do for a while… work with people, help them out, teach them, possibly use my Spanish, and get paid for it! My friend was so helpful. I left feeling very encouraged. Now, I just have to choose between school or volunteering… such a hard choice to make!

11:00 :: ran errands. Nothing exciting there. Other than the tailor calling me “lopsided.” Uhhh… thanks?

12:30 :: pit stop at Smoothie King. I chose the Acai Adventure and boy oh boy was it amazing. I seriously slurped that thing down in under 30 minutes, a personal record.

12:50 :: drop-off at Goodwill!

1:015 :: met Britt to shop for athletic wear! I made it out with three great & comfy pieces for $40. Compare that to the $59 yoga capris at Athleta, and I’d say I got the better deal 😉

2:30 :: home to relax and play with the puppy!

5:00ish :: met Britt for a yoga class downtown! Parking was quite an adventure as three sketchy men offered to pay for my parking because, “you are pretty girl!” So awkward. I politely declined their offer.

5:20ish :: Britt and I finally got to meet Alison, the yoga instructor at Bull City Yoga. We signed in, set our mats up, and I mentally started preparing for the class. I had no idea what to expect and was hoping I could keep up!

found it! JUST POWER YOGA. NO BULL. (love that!)

5:45 :: class officially began with an “OM.” I was nervous and excited… it was my first ever yoga class and oh my goodness I loved it! It was challenging, sweaty, stretchy, and oddly relaxing.

Meet my mat (and the pretty lime green walls!)

6:50ish :: The savasana signaled the end of class was near. I was so calm and relaxed and felt great after pushing my body so hard. And the lavender eye pillows? Ingenious!  I highly recommend Bull City Yoga to any beginner, intermediate, or advanced yogis! It was an excellent experience and Alison was great! I am definitely going back in the future! (AKA- next Friday 🙂

7:10 :: I left the building feeling so energized and happy! And a little impressed with myself for making it through a power yoga class for the first time 😉

7:33 :: Dinner at Beyu Caffe! I ordered the first thing that caught my eye- Thai Sauteed Veggies… mmm they were so good! And I may or may not have ordered a White Sangria…

photo evidence!

8:30 :: Quick stop at Durham’s very own Mad Hatter Bakeshop & Cafe for cookies. After all that yoga and chowing down on dinner, I needed a cookie! (and it definitely hit the spot)

9:00pm :: Home!

Whew, 12 straight hours of going going going! I wouldn’t have traded it for anything though… today truly was a great day. I love the people in my life! Especially the ones who make me try new things! 🙂

Somehow it slipped my mind that today was Friday the 13th AND Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. Yes I have dressed up in the past, and yes I have gotten free food!!!

summer 2009, Linds & me! Not ashamed of my bovine past ;p

How was your Friday the 13th??? Did you try anything new? Hang out with fun friends? Workout?


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