This post is coming to you from a freshly-turned 22 year old. I look older, no? 🙂

Birthday dress! (and major cheesing going on in this grainy picture)

Ok, so while I may not be a year older & wiser as everyone always says, I do like saying “I’m 22” better than “I’m 21.” No offense to all you 21 year olds who read my blog. People actually read my blog, right? (Bueller…?)

22 is an even number and it’s a number, to me, that signifies adulthood more so than 21.

Sure, 18 is a big year… you can legally vote, most 18 year olds have graduated high school, and it means you are on your way to being considered an adult.

19 is the in-between year that isn’t really special.

20 is the year you are officially out of your teenage years and join the “in your 20’s” group.

21– the age most everyone looks forward to- the age you are legally able to buy alcohol! Wohoo. For me, that birthday wasn’t any different than 20, or 22 for that matter. I didn’t go out and get wasted, or order a margarita on the rocks out at the annual family birthday lunch/dinner. (there is such thing as a margarita on the rocks…right???) This is also the age that most people graduate college and start their jobs. Or, start looking for jobs.

While all those birthday years are important, 22 seems most important to me. Maybe it’s just because I’m kind of emotional and pensive today, I don’t know. This is the age that I had always dreamed I would be married by. This is the age I planned on having an amazing, well-paying job by. This is the age I wanted to have a place of my own by.

Honestly, how many 22 year olds do you know who still live at home? How many 22 year olds have a job doing something completely unrelated to their major? How many 22 year olds are still single? How many 22 year olds can count their good friends on one hand, and count the number of dates they’ve had in the past month using no hands? How many 22 year olds would rather stay home and clean or watch old movies than go out to a bar on a Friday night?  Bueller…?

Ok so I realize that I am unlike any other 22 year old out there. And that could either make me “special” or “lame,” your pick, but what I do know is that this is the year I plan to change all of those above things. (Not the part about the going to bars because that’s totally not my scene or what I want to do)

22 is the year I want to be different. I want to do more things for others; for me. I want to try new things, go new places, eat new foods, live a healthier lifestyle, get a new place of my own, have a new outlook on life and living the precious time I have on this earth. I want to grow more as a person in this next year of life than I have in my 21 years before this. 

Isn’t that how we all should look at being blessed with another year of life… trying to make it the best year yet???

My day has been so blessed by precious time with friends and family, a morning at church, cupcakes, time outside reading, wonderful sunny (and 105 degrees hot) weather… I could go on and on with how thankful I am for all the little blessings from today. I truly hope that this next year of my life is the best.

lemonade cupcake after lunch!
(My mom knows that her daughter loves cupcakes! 🙂

Treated myself to froyo after a taco dinner with friends of the family.
(the piña colada flavor was the bomb! and soy chocolate? SO good!)

(regular cell phone picture, without Instagram effects)


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