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It’s no surprise that I love social media. And it shouldn’t be a surprise to my friends/followers that I am a big Twitter fan. I try not to tweet too much about my boring day-to-day, but some days, I’ll admit, I get a little crazy with the tweeting.

I think I’m going to start doing a Twitter recap, or highlights from the week, because each week I have multiple favorites, re-tweets, or conversations on Twitter that make me smile/laugh/happy.  So, here goes… week #1 of my Twitter recap!

My favorite favorites:

Retweets or other Notables:

This morning I went to the Durham Farmer’s Market with Brittany and tried an adorable new cafe downtown! I splurged on some fresh flowers for myself (zinnias) and some blackberries! (and kale, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe…) I’d call that a successful trip! 😉

For breakfast, we headed to Daisy Cakes where we enjoyed Greek yogurt parfaits and iced coffees. It was so cute! I seriously loved the atmosphere and the food. And I even saw someone I know! It amazes me how I can try a new place in Durham and see someone I know… but it kind of makes me mad that they never told me about the place before! Every time I discover a great new restaurant/shop, I always share it with friends. Do you share new places, or do you keep them a secret??? 

How did you spend your Saturday morning???


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