Friday Favorites


It’s Friday, Friday gotta get … ok I’ll stop there because I’m sure no one wants those dreaded Rebecca Black lyrics stuck in their head all morning.

Newsflash: it’s Friday. And because it’s Friday I thought I would use a little alliteration and share some of my favorites from this week. Thus, dubbing them my Friday Favorites. You should be excited!


Peaches :: last weekend in SC I splurged on a huge $12 basket of peaches. It was worth it! I got about 35 peaches in the basket and I’ve been going through them like crazy this week. Giving them away, packing them as an afternoon snack, even topping them with homemade granola for a late night snack. YUM. Do you like peaches?


The Tye :: Created by Vanessa, the Tye is an adorable brand of dyed hair ties! I discovered them a few months ago and ordered immediately. Let me just say that not only do they look cute wearing them on my wrist, but they make GREAT hair ties for working out/running. My hair usually falls right out with elastic hair pieces, but the Tye holds my hair up for my entire 20-mile run. (divided by ten 😉 Do yourselves a favor, ladies, and order some today!


The Monday Life :: This is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps hospitalized children feel better and heal faster. (taken straight from their homepage) By donating $1 every Monday, you can help change the environment within the hospital, thus helping kids heal. They are based in Chapel Hill, NC (right up the road from me!) but they don’t just support Duke & UNC Children’s Hospitals, now they also support others.

I’ve been keeping up with and supporting The Monday Life for over a year, and in that short time, their impact has been amazing. They’ve been able to donate iPads, DVDs, stuffed animals, and more to children in hospitals. Last year, some of the Duke men’s basketball players even delivered those things to the patients. How cool?! Donating $1 every Monday can go SO far! You can donate here or check them out on Facebook.


Safelite Auto Glass :: My car has had all sorts of windshield issues the past 6 months. From a tiny hole, to a broken windshield, then the rubber coming off at the top of the windshield. (My car sounds totally ghetto, right?) Well, Safelite has always been my go-to when my car needs repairs. Yesterday I hastily called at 10:30am, and they quickly scheduled an appointment for 4:00pm. And I was out the door by 4:45… thank goodness! I trust their employees with my car, and that says a lot. I don’t let just anyone work on (or drive) my beloved ghetto ’99 Toyota. 😉


Outside dinners alone :: I looooove being outside, and now that it’s officially summer I want to soak up every ounce of sunshine and fresh air that I can. After a busy day of work, appointments, and car fixings yesterday, I headed over to Foster’s Market for una cena en el aire fresco. It definitely gave me an energy boost, and a productivity boost! (and I may have done some people watching…)

My handsome dinner date 😉

Deeeelicious Mozzarella sandwich!


Yellow Thunder :: Cool name, huh?! The Yellow Thunder is Charity: Water’s drilling rig that is drilling wells in Ethiopia! I just found out about it yesterday, and when I saw a location update on twitter this morning, it made me smile. We take water for granted every day! How cool would it be to be a part of giving the gift of water?


Sunset on the first day of summer. Thanks I-85 N for allowing me to partake in the view!

What are some of your favorites this Friday??? Any BIG weekend plans?


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