Summer, Day 1


Every year, the anticipation of summer is almost palpable.

It’s seen in children’s faces, heard in excited voices talking of grand vacations, and felt in the warm touch from the sun.


Gosh, I smile just typing the word.

Summer is my favorite season for a few reasons: it means sunshine and warm weather, summer thunderstorms, my birthday, possibilities of vacation, wearing shorts every day, and doing everything possible outside. I love it!

And every summer it’s the same, I hope for the same things… lots of Durham Bulls games, trying out new restaurants, camping trips, days spent at the Eno River, a tan, going on dates, spur-of-the-moment road trips, grilling out, traveling, new friends, swimming. It seems like, before I know it, summer is gone, there’s no extra spending money, and hardly any of those things have been accomplished. Why does it always happen like that? Summer should be a fun time of year when you get to do things you love to do! (all year round should be like that, but especially summer 😉 But in the busy world we live in, it’s easy to watch days slip by without having done anything special to remember them by.

Today is the first day of summer (although it feels like North Carolina summers start in April!) , and the longest day of the year. Once again, I’ve always had grand plans for this day too… going on a spontaneous trip to a city for the day, spending the day hiking up a mountain, going rock climbing, taking a beach trip to see the sunrise and sunset, braving a river in a kayak, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Instead, I’m spending my first day of summer at work and at a meeting until late. I’ll be lucky if I make it home by 10:00pm! So I’m going to have to squeeze something special into today somewhere. I feel like today the start of summer should be marked by something unique, besides waking up at 5:15 and working all day.

What should I do today to celebrate the first day of Summer 2012?

What are you doing today to celebrate the arrival of my favorite season???

My outfit for the first day of summer: navy & hot pink dress. It’s flowy and bright (and a little short…oops) and I’m hoping the boldness of it helps me stay in a good mood today! 😉


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