My Day(s) in Pictures



Friday is my day off each week, and I love it!

I usually sleep late… which for me is anything past 6:00am. Yesterday morning I didn’t roll out from under the covers until 7:15. Amazing! I got up, got ready quickly, and headed out for some errands!

First stop? COFFEE.

Dunkin’ of course

Then before heading home, a quick trip to the grocery store for produce and eggs. While there, I got two compliments on my shoes so of course I had to take a picture. I was in the parking lot so I was trying not to look like the ultimate dork/blogger.

I felt pretty cool in these, not gonna lie

Once home I quickly sauteed veggies and added scrambled eggs, thus creating the most delicious breakfast!

I had high hopes of eating all of this… and I *almost* did…

While I blogged and worked on translating, this little guy was sleeping at my feet

chubby sleepy puppy!

In the afternoon, I drove to Wake Forest to help some friends move in. I missed the whole “moving in” part (I blame the puppy) but I did help pick out accessories and necessities for their new apartment at Target!

my view on highway 98

It’s too bad I don’t have a kitchen of my own… because I would own one of each of these towels! The colors are amazing.


Another early morning for me! I was up at 6:30 after only one alarm had gone off around 6:15. My body is on a crazy weekend schedule I guess. After taking my car to the mechanic, a cup of coffee and watching some Rifleman with Padre, he and I headed to the Durham Farmer’s Market! This morning I wasn’t shy and actually took pictures when I wanted to. (I think it was the purple shoes)

There was an abundance of flowers for your garden, and bouquets!

The flowers were so beautiful and I was so tempted to buy myself a bouquet, but I decided against it. Who buys themself flowers anyways?!

Red and yellow, red and yellow

Durham Central Park

I looooove downtown Durham (if you remember from here and date ideas part 1 and part 2) and all the brick. Especially when Padre starts telling stories from growing up and working in downtown Durham. There’s so much history downtown, and the brick just makes me love the history and city more!

purple shoes, day 2!

Padre and I headed to Home Depot and loaded up our cart with soil, a new hose and sprayer, and bags of concrete. I tried to carry one of these last weekend and failed. This girl CANNOT lift 80lbs. That’s more than half my own weight!


This afternoon has been pretty relaxing though. I am taking advantage of National Outdoors Day, that’s for sure. I’ve spent a lot of time outside reading, playing with the puppy & the big dogs. (our German Shepherds) And now that my car is back from the mechanic, I’m going to wash the windows and Rain-X them.

Oh, did I mention I’ve been spending time with this cutie?

Puppy love

I love social media, and Instagram is my latest favorite. I’ve been taking pictures like crazy the past two days and I blame Instagram! Do you have an Instagram account? If so, find me! meremere7890

Hope y’all have had a fantastic weekend so far. Get outside and enjoy National Outdoors Day! 🙂


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