I was clueless when coming up with a title for this post. Mainly because it’s going to be a random conglomeration of useless information that only I will care about. Ok, it’s really not useless. But anyways… moving on…

Today is June 8th. Just like May 8th, it’s important for a few reasons:

~ a year ago today I was on a plane from Lima, Peru to Miami, then onto Raleigh/Durham. Bittersweet. Being in Miami wasn’t as much of a culture shock as I expected after a month in Peru. Half the people were speaking Spanish, and people were just as unfriendly as they had been in Peru. (not everyone was rude, just a certain few!) The layover in Miami took forever it seemed, and I loved being able to turn on my phone and text/tweet family & friends. And of course there was the people-watching that occurred during my 2-hour wait. The flight to RDU seemed to fly by (pun intended) and as the plane landed I may have shed a few tears. As much as I was ready to sleep in my own bed, I wasn’t ready to get back into the American routine. Not one bit.

Lima on the early ride to the airport

view after take-off


my seat was one of the best. Kept the window open the whole time 🙂

breakfast and my last taste of Peruvian bread

First meal back in the States. At 9:45pm.

~ today, some of my friends from college move 45minutes away from me!!! I can’t wait to be closer to them! And to celebrate their marriage next weekend!

We played indoor putt-putt sophomore year of college!

~ my birthday is in a month. Yes, the big 2-2. Although I know it’s not old, it still feels like it is. My prime is slowly slipping away! 😉 I love celebrating birthdays though.

~ today my friend Steve is riding a skateboard across Indiana to raise $$ and awareness for the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Keep up with his progress here. More info here. And the Q & A post I published here.

~ today is National Best Friends Day!!! I have friends who are so near and dear to me, that I could never pick a “best.” In fact, I hate it when someone says, “oh, so-and-so is my best friend.” (Then it brings about comparisons, and we all know how I feel about those…) Here are some of the great people I am blessed to call friends. I love y’all!

A few other Friday finds:

– an interesting article about running. Good to know!

encouraging post on the Good Women Project about how not to waste your singleess. Ladies, I recommend reading it! 🙂

– On July 12th, one of my favorite musicals will be in theaters for the 60th anniversary!!! Yes, I will be there 😉

– I have the Ocean Breeze Ernite Pendant with a Tiny Gold Leaf necklace and I LOVE it. I wear it all the time. Basically, this SevenNineShoppe on Etsy is one of my favorites!

– Judge if you must but I love this song! And this one. And this. No I am not 13 years old.

– Did you know Obama wants you to call him maybe?!

– An apple rhubarb pie that is making my mouth water! Making this soon! Who wants some?

– A Durham cafe I am dying to try!

– I love reading updates about Duke football, especially when my friends are mentioned.


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