May 31, 2011 7:11pm


I  never post twice in one day, but today I stumbled across this date in 2011 and just had to share it! It will give you more details about my time in Lima last summer, albeit silly details and stories.

I had a facebook group called Mere in Peru where I posted updates & prayer requests whenever I had internet access and time. This was one of my first updates from Lima, after I had started helping with the school. Re-reading it today brought back so many memories, images, and smiles. I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever fully share my Peru experiences with anyone… no one would care to listen for hours on end. But they are memories I will forever cherish. And, if anyone for some odd reason needs me to talk for hours and hours, just ask me about Peru. I will talk your ears off!


May 31, 2011  7:11pm

I´ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to think of some witty line to start off my update, but alas…I have nothing. So I´ll just jump right into the here and now:

It´s Tuesday. I have completed my 2nd day helping at Johannes Gutenburg of El Agustino here in Lima. I´ve been up for 12 hours already. I´ve been around nonstop Spanish for the past 2 days, but met a few people who speak English! (Praise the Lord) I´ve met lots and lots and lots of people, all of whom have been so friendly and open. Let´s rewind to where I left off on Saturday night… Sunday morning I went to help out with Sunday School at the church where Compassion is held. (where I was last Thurs.-Sat., remember?) Of course this gringa didn´t quite fit in…I wore a skirt and my trusty chaco´s and a cute shirt…all the Peruvians there were in sweats (or jeans) and tshirts! God´s got a good sense of humor, no? :p Sunday afternoon was spent with Rosita doing the touristy thing. We went to the Museum of Art in Lima (google: MALI) and saw a few exhibits on famous Peruvian artists, including the newly rennovated painting, The Death of Atahualpa by Luis Montero. Google it because seriously it was really cool. I´m not the most artsy person but I can respect art for what it is…and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time meandering around the art museum in Lima! Sunday night was chill…the BIG debate between Keiko and Ollanta Humala was on.

Peruvian elections for a new president are this Sunday. It´s between a woman and a man. From what I´ve heard from some natives here, one of the candidates is very violent, and the other is very corrupt. It´s going to be interesting to see who wins the election especially since I´ll be here in Peru as history is made!}

Monday morning, bright and early, began my time at the school. I was automatically impressed with the school when I learned that there is a devotion time for teachers before school actually starts…how cool! I spent the day yesterday in a first grade class. I was basically the teacher assistant. I counted, sorted, stacked, and stapled lots and lots of papers for the students! I did whatever the teacher needed doing. I honestly didn´t mind. I´m here to serve, and if God can use me by counting hundreds of papers out, so be it! 🙂

After school yesterday I was in for a treat! As I said before, Rosita, the woman whose house I´m staying at, is a history teacher at the school. Therefore, she´s an excellent tour guide for places around Lima. The evening was spent doing more touristy stuff, (me, her & 2 Paraguayans) including visiting the San Francisco cathedral and catacombs! I´ll include a link because their website is definitely worth a visit. I couldn´t take pictures inside unfortunately (maybe we snuck a few…shhhhhh) but the outside was very pretty and once again, the architecture is phenomenal. Dinner was pollo a la brasa AKA rotisserie chicken (my favorite Peruvian dish!) and lots of fries. We walked around the Center of Lima some more, then came back around 9:30. I was whooped and tired from all the walking! [When we were in the mountains it was much easier because we walked miles and miles everyday. Here, I walk to and from places but much less significant distances…my body has already adjusted to life in Lima!]

This morning started early again, and after devotions, I was placed in a 2nd grade class. There, I cut out letters for various signs around the classroom. Let me tell you…I had such a bad cramp from using scissors all morning! lol. But I think I´m cut out to be a teacher assistant. Get it? 🙂 Today instead of preparing students for a tornado or hurricane drill like I remember from my elementary school days, they prepared students for an earthquake! When writing out what to do before, during, and after one, one little girl said ¨pray and then RUN!¨haha

Lunch is delicious here but it´s my least favorite part of the day. I´m naturally not super talkative like some people so I just awkwardly sit there eating and listening to the conversations of other teachers until someone asks me where I´m from and such. Oh fun.

Today after lunch, I found Rosita and she introduced me to an English teacher at the school. Best introduction that´s been made all week! I spent the afternoon with her talking, doing various teacher tasks, and teaching her high school English class! The students interviewed me (which was crazy…. how can I choose a favorite movie or actor or singer?! especially ones they would recognize! lol) and I answered and asked them questions back. It was really fun. When they found out I was single, the 3 boys in the class got all red in the face and smiley haha the teacher just laughed and laughed. We read a story, answered questions, and did more talking. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the teacher did too! She was thankful for some help with her English! And of course, I didn´t mind one bit.

It´s been a challenge these past 2 days because I don´t fit in at the school and it´s discouraging, but God was looking out for me when he sent me to the English class. I really hope I get the opportunity to help out more there tomorrow or next week. But honestly, I´m counting the days til I get back to work with Compassion…I miss those crazy kids! It´s hard to believe that I only have a week and a day left here in Peru. I´m going to miss the lifestyle, the people, and the places so much! But I will be glad when I don´t have to constantly worry about whether or not I have toilet paper with me at all times! 🙂  {9 out of 10 bathrooms don´t provide TP}

Random facts about the JG school: °

students wear uniforms

°the school provides snacks and lunch for students & staff…yum! 

°it is huge. and divided into kinder (from what I understood…), primary and secondary schools, each with it´s own patio and cafeteria area.

°there are at least 2 pastors that work there.

°gym class for the 2nd grade was this morning. they jumped rope to warm up (anybody have a jump rope I can borrow?) and then learned some volleyball basics

°they are allowed to teach the Bible! yesterday the class learned about Noah

°it was founded by Germans (hence the name) and quite a few Germans work there. I was happy to see what appeared to be other gringos, but alas, it was a bunch of Germans. and for some reason I have a hard time understanding their Spanish. I promise it has nothing to do with where they´re from! lol

°doors open at 7:45 and close at 5. talk about a longgggg day!

°it´s been rainy the past two mornings, which makes the stone ground slickery. I almost wiped out twice yesterday. Rosita just laughed at me.

°the kids are SO loving! that´s one thing I wish American kids were like. they come running up and hug you, always address you as Señorita or Hermana (sister), and are respectful in class. (most of the time)

°there are other branches of the school, including one in Paraguay, which is why 2 of their teachers came to visit Lima. pretty interesting the people one meets while overseas, right?!

°I was asked today why my country was öff¨yesterday. I honestly had no idea what she meant then I remembered  it was Memorial Day. although I didn´t celebrate it, I´m thankful for all those who served my country and who are currently serving. I tried my best to explain what yesterday meant but nobody really understood. Must be an American thing 🙂

Well, my cramp from cutting has now turned into a cramp from typing so that´s all I have for now! I´m planning on a dinner that consists of bread and hot soy milk (don´t knock it until you try it!) and some mandarins… I may or may not have just finished a Sublime, Inca Kola, and some Ritz crackers… whoops? :p As always, love to you all, and God bless. Chao ♥


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