Afternoon in the Woods


Yesterday afternoon I needed to be outside. I needed to sweat. To get as far away from people as I could, and to spend some time in my own thoughts and prayers. I got some bad news yesterday morning about my friend and I spent the majority of the afternoon crying, praying, and napping trying to rid myself of a killer headache from the crying. Yeah, it was a bad day for me. Until I put on my hiking shoes and started walking.

If you’ve been around my blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love my hometown of Durham. I love exploring at any of the Eno River State Parks. (post:: Pump Station Trail) And I love where I live… I can simply walk down to the end of my road and head into the woods to explore and hike. So that’s what I did yesterday. It had been almost a year since I had done so, and at first I was a little lost, but then quickly regained my bearings and followed the river to the little safe haven I remember from childhood.

…my footsteps disturbed the peace of the woods. With each crunch crunch of the leaves, I winced a little. So much for a quiet, relaxing hike.

…my hand wove a stick in front of my face, probably making me appear more like a wizard than a hiker. With each whoosh whoosh of the stick, I hoped to tear down spiders and their webs. But I still somehow managed to walk into about a dozen.

…my legs shook as I crossed a single log across the water. With each step I felt and heard the creak creak of the old log, and hoped it wouldn’t crack midway through my crossing.

…my head cleared of all of its thoughts as I sat by the water on a cool, moss-covered rock. With each ripple ripple of the water cascading down, I felt my headache subside, my physical exhaustion disappear, and my heartbeat calm.

An afternoon in the woods was what I needed yesterday. It was a little adventure that I cherished. There’s just something about being outside and sweating and exploring that sets everything right in my world. I took lots of pictures during my hike; finding beauty in everything… from the dead leaves to the piles of boulders, from the river water to the roots of an old tree, stretching into the water. God sure is quite the designer!

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound???

When we were younger, my brother and I would pretend that Indians hid out behind these boulders!

dead turtle 😦

Why so knotty?

Intricate web

What are you rooted in?

One of these is not like the other

Biggest turtle I’ve ever seen!
It’s been these woods for years… since 2000 at least. I had forgotten all about it


I’m probably the only one who would consider a pile of rocks as beauty. I’m an outdoors nerd, what can I say?

This is half of the log I crossed that I swear felt like it was going to crack with every new step I took!

Do you ever find solace in nature?


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