Disney’s Magic Kingdom


Two months ago while my family was in Florida on vacation, we hit up the Disney theme parks. I am finally finishing up my Disney recap, with pictures from Magic Kingdom. You can check out Epcot (my favorite), Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at their respective links 🙂



A few stories from Magic Kingdom:

– The second time we rode Haunted Mansion as a family, (I was with bro, parents were together) we were in the graveyard scene sitting on a slope and all of a sudden we stopped moving. (the ride is constantly moving at a pretty decent pace) Bro thought it was just part of the ride, but a voice came over the intercom and said “Some ghosts have been messing around and caused delays in the ride. Please remain seated so they won’t get you!” (something creepy like that) Oh my gosh it was crazy! I quickly tweeted an SOS! 🙂 Finally after 3-4 minutes it was fixed and we were moving again!

– Dad, Bro and I kept riding the Mad Tea Party ride over and over that night… usually the workers herd a bunch of people into the ride and make them find an empty teacup. Bro ran over to a pink one, and about that time, I noticed a little kid running to that one too. The kid saw Bro and stopped, turned around and started crying because there were no more teacups left and he had wanted that one. We felt SO bad! Especially since we offered for the kid and dad to have the pink teacup multiple times… the dad just said they would wait for the next go-round. But seriously, we felt bad! It’s not like we didn’t offer to let them have it… oh well.

– The line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was out the doors. Seriously, it was crazy long! Mom insisted that we ride it, since it’s one of the few rides they had at Magic Kingdom when she went as a little girl. So we waited. And waited. And waited. And finally after 1 hour, 48 minutes (yes I timed it), we were on the little boat. You wanna know how long the ride lasted??? 6 minutes 29 seconds. What a waste. But at least Mom got to experience one of her favorite rides!

– One night, Padre and I went to Magic Kingdom because they were open late; we had plans to ride Space Mountain as many times as we could before closing. We got there, waited maybe 15 minutes, rode once. Got off, hopped back in line, waited 8 minutes, rode again. Each time the line got shorter and shorter and our wait was quicker. We rode a dozen times within an hour! And each time we tried a new seat…. front, middle, back, front, middle, back. Talk about FUN! It’s not the best coaster I’ve been on, but it sure is fun! I had my hands up, and I was “wohooo”ing at each twist and crazy turn! And you know how they snap a picture in the ride? Well, my faces were epic…that’s all I’m going to say about that! 😛

– Mom is big on family pictures, so throughout the day we would randomly stop at one of the Disney photographers and they would snap some pictures of us. At one point, this young girl was the photographer and she told us to stand close, smile and say “Disney!” She asked how we knew each other… “we’re family” Mom answered. Then the girl proceeded to ask if Bro and I were boyfriend and girlfriend!!! Umm what?! No way, Jose! I think that is the most awkward thing when people think that about us!!! We posed and smiled again. Then she took a picture of just Mom and Padre…and she told Padre to “kiss your wife!” Argh. I should have looked away but I couldn’t do so quickly enough. Let’s just say that the photographer was interesting and we were talking about our experience with her all day!

– Bro and I had our silhouettes done on Main Street. We got them done the very first time we went to Disney in 2001, and we decided it was time for an update. I think the artists who do them are so talented! They turned out great and Mom loved them!


Although I am not a little kid anymore, I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Florida and Disney World. There’s just something so magical about it… hence the popular “Where Dreams Come True” saying.  Sure I was the only person there my age without a boyfriend, fiance, husband or kids, but I didn’t care. (Ok maybe I did a litttttle) When in Disney, do as the children do- have fun, be a kid, and don’t care what others think!!! [That should be a daily motto, right?!]

What’s your favorite Disney park??? Ever been to Magic Kingdom? What was your favorite part of the park?


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