Road Trips & Coming Home


It’s no surprise I love road trips. There’s just something almost peaceful (minus the Charlotte traffic) about driving an open road, sun shining on your face, music turned up, and wind blowing your already-frizzy hair. I love it. This road trip in particular was special – I was going to South Carolina to visit with one of my best friends and roommate from college. She gets married next month and I am her Maid of Honor!  This weekend was spent going to her first bridal shower, having lots of girl talk, and eating good food. Because that’s what a girl’s weekend is all about, right?!

YUM fruit!

beautiful bride-to-be!!!

Anyways, this weekend was a welcome one away from home. I enjoyed the time catching up with Brittany, and I enjoyed the time on the road, despite all the traffic frustrations. And as I was leaving Brittany’s little town, I snapped some photos of all the fields… one of the things I love about being out in the country!

Blue skies and green fields… everywhere!

Peach trees

Carolina skies

In the past, I usually just scan the radio for good music the entire drive, but this time I had some great artists to listen to (thanks to an impromptu crazy spending spree on itunes…sheesh) including: Ace or Base, The Fray, Fleetwood Mac, Flyleaf, Hillsong, Jessie Baylin, Joe Brooks, Maroon 5, MGMT, Oasis, Pink Floyd, The Police, Ron Pope, Third Eye Blind… yeah basically I was singing the entire drive there and back! Good music enhances a road trip, doesn’t it? What’s your favorite road trip artist, album or playlist???

Regardless of how far I drive or how long I’m gone, there’s always this feeling when I pull off the highway on the exit I live off of. There’s just this feeling, I can’t describe it… a feeling of coming home. It’s almost nostalgic.

When I used to drived the 4-hour drive home from college on random weekends, I would always be so excited when flipping on my turn signal at exit 170. And then turning onto my road, pulling down into our hilly driveway, getting out to stretch, then walking inside… Mom or Padre would always be waiting with a hug and the promise of a dinner out after I got unpacked. I would go outside on the back deck to play with our dogs, and they would jump up, wag their tails, lick my face… they were so excited to see me, and I them. That “welcome home” routine is something I have missed lately… everyone so excited I was home.

And today I got to experience that routine again for the first time in months; and this time, Max was there with lots of kisses and loving.  I was home and happy and thankful. 

Road trips are one of my favorite things, especially road trips that lead me to my friends and family. And today was perfect for a road trip… it was sunny, windy, not a lot of traffic, and I had my music. Nothing better. I enjoyed every second of the 5-hour, 300-mile road trip. And I can’t wait to go back!


 Have you been on any road trips lately? Do you like road trips? Where would be your ideal place to take a road trip to???


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