Life is Good


This post was inspired by something I tweeted earlier today:


Do you ever just sit back, take a deep breath and think, “gosh, life is good!” ??? I sure do! #blessed


Today was an ordinary day… wake up, work, teaching, home. An average Thursday.


But throughout today I kept thinking about how blessed I am. I go through phases where I take things and people for granted, and then I go through phases where I’m almost overly thankful for every single thing in my life. Although there’s no such thing as being overly thankful. We can never be thankful enough for what we have! And the things I take for granted every day would be luxuries for someone else in the world:


an alarm to wake me up

– hot running water with which I brush my teeth, wash my face & hands every morning

– pocket change to pay my bus fare twice a day

– a job

– shoes to wear

– the ability to adjust the temperature in my office, car, and home

– technology; oh how I am so thankful for technology!!!

– indoor bathrooms


That is just a minuscule list compared to everything I should be thankful for. Everything I have been blessed with. Everything I don’t deserve but have. Wow, God’s love and graciousness blows me away!


Sometimes I need a reminder… to sit back, take a deep breath, and think that, “gosh, life is good!!!”


a Lima beach

North Myrtle

Upstate SC sunset



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