Q & A with Amanda


I’ve been wanting to do some sort of Q & A series and I am finally starting it! If you’d be interested in participating, let me know! Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, food blogger, traveller extroadinaire, designer, sports fanatic, college student, a blogger, or anything else, I would love to ask you some questions! 🙂

The second semester of my freshman year in college, I had a Writing & Composition class AKA Freshman English. Despite the fact that I had been on campus for nearly six months, there were still a lot of people my age and year that I didn’t know. On the first day of the English class, I sat in the back left corner, and this girl sat in front of me. When we had to do the awkward “what’s your name, hometown, major, interesting fact” introduction thing, I found out her name was Amanda. That was the day Amanda and I first spoke to one another, and definitely not the last day! We quickly bonded over our love for Star Wars, coffee, good movies, and food. And our tendencies to act a little silly at times. Throughout my remaining three years on campus, 75% of the time, I was hanging out on or off campus with Amanda, whether it was at Dunkin’ Donuts, goofing off in the library, working out in my dorm, or driving to Panera or Moe’s. I’m so thankful she and I became friends, and I miss her so much! We haven’t seen each other since I graduated in December, but we’ve talked off and on via twitter, facebook, and cell phone. Hopefully I’ll get to see her soon!!!

Anyways, Amanda is a unique person and student. I think her first major was undecided, then I think she changed to Chemistry, and somehow she ended up with Psychology. Now she’s technically Interdisciplinary Studies (my major too!) with Psychology and Business. I personally think that someone with such an interesting combination of studies deserves a Q & A post, don’t you agree?

Q 1. What made you choose both majors? Any experiences that led you in that direction?

A 1. So what led me… let’s see. Well as you know I originally had an undecided major. I think it was about sophomore or junior year when I finally chose Psychology. I think it was mostly because I really wanted to know why people thought the way they thought or did things the way they did things. Mostly what I did and thought things the way I did. And then I chose business… I kept hearing how useless Psychology was with just a B.S. (Bachelor of Science)… and I really don’t plan on going to graduate school. Well, at least not for a little while. So I went with the business root. I was thinking along the lines of Human Resources when I took on Business because it works with people and how they deal with things in the workplace. My business classes have taught me so much. I might even open up my own business someday!

(((I have a feeling that too many episodes of The Office may have been a contributing factor to her Business component!)))

A- I wasn’t thinking of the Office at all when I made the decision to go to Business! However after I had a few classes it made me love both the major and the show more lol

(((Sometimes while procrastinating writing a paper or studying, Amanda and I would watch episodes of the Office. Oh, the memories!)))

Q 2. What is your dream job?

A 2. I think I would like to run my own business one day. I don’t think I want to go into that now in life. I was thinking around mid-life. I don’t know. I want a coffee shop/book store. That would be cool. I also thought of doing something with old people. So maybe opening up my own older person home. I heard about this one who only takes in 16 applicants but they are treated more like family and the people who work there live there for months/years at a time.

(((Amanda and I LOVE a good coffee shop and reading. I would totally be a frequent patron of her future shop!)))

Q 3. With a few more semesters of school, I have a feeling you will be doing a lot of studying! Where do you study best?

A 3. I study the best in middle ground areas like at a coffee shop or McDonalds… places like that. I don’t like total silence because then I distract myself with a movie or facebook, but when it’s too loud (like the student center at school) I can’t pay attention to my work.

(((At least once a week, you would find Amanda and I in Dunkin’ Donuts or Yogurt Mountain or Furman’s library trying to study… and yes, we would end up people-watching or distracting each other with random things!)))

Q 4. I know you have a deep hate for a certain tree-climbing animal… did you ever have to write a business paper about a certain animal that is a part of the rodent family who climbs trees and eats acorns?

A 4. YES and I hated every minute of it! I not only had to write about the pest, I also had to make it sound like a pleasant animal. Awful.

(((Hahaha… seriously… a paper for business class about a SQUIRREL?! So random. I’m curious to read it though and find out how squirrels are relevant to business!)))

Q 5. Being a Psychology major, you must like studying people and their minds. What is the weirdest thing you’ve learned (about people/minds in general) or the coolest thing you’ve learned (about people/their minds)???

A 5. There is really not just one thing… there are a bunch of small things that all fit together. It’s more of connecting-the-dots Psychology and the way you connect those dots. The classes I took taught me a new way to think and process things. One of the only classes that was about learning things was Abnormal Psychology, which was really interesting because we talked about all the disorders that are out there that people can have. A bad thing about it though, was that I kept wanting to diagnose myself! haha

(((Here, let me help diagnose you… :p just kidding!)))

Q 6. What city are you wishing to live in while you pursue your career? 

A 6. I would love to stay in Greenville, SC and work! I really don’t want to move back home.

(((I think you should move to Durham, Amanda!!! We have lots of Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and other great coffee shops in general. Just sayin’)))

Q 7. I am a Linguist and I sometimes have trouble remembering how to spell the word “Psychology.” How long did it take you to remember how to spell it???

A 7. It took me forever to learn to spell “psychology!!!” LOL I still sometimes have trouble with it and it’s my major!!!

Thanks Amanda for your willingness to answer a few questions from a curious friend! 🙂 I love you and miss you!

Amanda is TOO cool.

After a whitewater rafting adventure!

October 2011- Apple Picking trip!

Girl’s movie night!

We’re hot. We know :p

December 2011

Next week, there will be a Q & A with Steve Hill. He will be skateboarding across Indiana (160 miles!) next month to raise awareness and money for Christian World Outreach and their work against fighting HIV/AIDS in Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s a super cool fundraiser and I’m excited to feature him on my blog!


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