Durham Dates (part 2)


Last Friday I posted half of these cute Durham dates. Like I said last week, what I think is fun may not be considered fun by other people my age. But regardless of their preferences, I would love to go on any of these dates around Durham! 😉

– Duke Lemur Center :: This place is unique to Durham… they do so much with conservation, research, and education! And from what I’ve heard, they host a variety of different lemur species, so it’s definitely a great place to visit. Learn something new together here.

– The Duke Gardens :: Pretty much anyone who hears about Duke University or Duke Hospital, hears about Duke Gardens. And pretty much anytime I venture to the Gardens, I see hordes of couples laying in the grass being all cutesy and romantic. Or, couples walking around taking pictures. Basically, it’s where all the couples go. So if you want to take your significant other somewhere full of flowers and pretty sights, take them to the Duke Gardens. It’s a super cute summer date spot! 🙂 [from what I’ve heard! 😉 ]

– The Vineyards at Southpoint :: Whether you are a wine lover or not, treat your significant other to a relaxing day wandering around the vineyard with your beverage of choice.

Ninth Street :: A popular hang out place for Duke students and Durham locals, 9th Street is an interesting place to be on weekends! There are all sorts of restaurants… from Bali Hai Mongolian Grill to Elmo’s Diner, from a pizzeria to Cosmic Cantina… 9th Street is filled with little stores and yummy food places, and lots of interesting characters! I think it would be fun to grab a bite to eat, people-watch, then grab dessert! It’s definitely a more low-key and casual location, so if you just want a chill laid-back date, check out Ninth Street!

– The Nasher Museum of Art :: Yet another famous Duke site, the Nasher “promotes engagement with the visual arts.”  I think it would be a cool cosmopolitan date to get all dressed up to the nines, go out to a fancy schmantcy restaurant then visit the art museum.

– A show :: The Durham Performing Arts Center, the Carolina Theatre, and the Common Ground Theatre offer a variety of shows and music, if you’re in to the whole “let’s go to the theatre” scene. I think dinner and a play/show is such a classic date idea!

I went to see Wicked last Friday night and loved getting dressed up in my heels 😉
There were lots of couples there so I was definitely the odd ball there with my Mom, but I didn’t mind. I love the theatre!!!

– A couple’s cooking/brewing class :: The Durham Spirits Company offers cooking classes for couples… I think this is a cool idea and would be really good teamwork for you and your significant other. They offer all sorts of classes and cuisines this summer, so go ahead and sign up!

– Day at the Lake :: If you two are more adventurous, a day at the lake will be right up your alley! Jordan Lake is right outside of Durham and has the feel of a peaceful mountain lake. Fishing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, or simply sitting and enjoying the breeze from the lake… a fun way to relax and spend time with your date!

– A Krav Maga class! :: Burn some calories, kick some butt, and do some bonding with a power-packed Krav Maga class. I’ve been wanting to try this class for years after seeing this fighting style on the History Channel, and now that they offer a class in my area, I might just have to go solo! 🙂

Brightleaf Square :: This cute little area near downtown Durham has fun restaurants, storefronts, AND they have concerts this summer! There is lots of history here (that I never knew before!), and I just love the brick buildings! I might have to go check out a new restaurant here this weekend…

just another brick in the wall

Southpoint :: This area has it all… shops, restaurants & a movie theater! Make your date happy with some retail therapy before dinner and a movie!

Would you take your significant other on any of these dates??? What would you add to the list?


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