Durham Dates (part 1)


Being a young single female in Durham, NC, I find myself home most weekend nights. And really, I don’t have a huge problem with that… I spend that time trying out new recipes, reading, blogging, baking, watching old movies, working out, or cleaning. Typical grandma here, I know. But regardless of what I usually spend my weekends doing, I’ve been thinking lately about really cute date ideas in the Durham area. Then again, what I think is fun is probably opposite from other people in their 20s.


Anyways, here’s half of my list:

Durham Bulls baseball game :: a great summer date! Not only are the games exciting to watch, people watching is also hilarious. What better way to bond with your significant other than over the American classic, baseball?


– Hiking at the Eno :: The Eno River State Parks are spread out throughout the Durham area and personally, I think a hike & picnic are cute for a date! Some parts of the Eno Park have swimming holes so that’s a fun way to cool off after a spring or summer hike.


– A trip to the Durham Farmer’s Market :: there are various farmer’s markets all over town on the weekends (and sometimes weekdays too!) Walking around and checking out different vendors and samples would be a good way to find out your significant others’ tastes in food. Do they prefer the vegetable stand or the bakery stand? 😉 Or do they prefer to sit in the car while you meander around?


– A trip to the Farmer’s Market + cooking :: This is personally one of my favorite little date ideas… keep that in mind, gentlemen! Going to the Farmer’s Market to pick out foods to cook, and then creating a masterpiece dish together! A good way to impress your significant other with your cooking skills or make them laugh with your lack of skills!


American Tobacco Campus :: a great hangout spot in general for the younger crowd (as seen in this post), the ATC has delicious restaurants to choose from and it’s quite picturesque.


– Outdoor Concerts :: spring and summer weather make locals want to be outside enjoying it, and outdoor concerts are popping up all over the place. The American Tobacco Campus has a great variety of Friday night shows all summer long, and Duke Gardens also offers summer concerts. The Broad Street Cafe has live music 5 nights a week too!


– Checking out a historical site :: I’m a huge nerd, so I love historical sites, especially ones in my own hometown! Exploring some old historical site and ending it with a picnic in the shade… ah, perfect. The Duke Homestead and Bennett Place are two in Durham I grew up visiting.

The old Bennett farm house


– Trip to the Museum of Life & Science :: Ok, my extra nerdy side is coming out, but I LOVE this museum! I have so many wonderful childhood memories of visiting this museum. And although it’s mainly for kids how fun would it to be a kid again and act silly? There are all sorts of animals to see, and a big playground. PLUS, they have a new cafe, Sprout Cafe, with all local ingredients!


– Indoor rock climbing at the Vertical Edge :: Team building at its finest! Become a certified belayer, and help each other rock climb. Although nobody looks attractive wearing the harnesses, it would be a fun way to learn to trust and listen to one another!



Would you enjoy any of these dates???


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