Spring Cleaning – Bathroom


This post is super delayed because #1 although it’s barely just spring, it feels like summer, #2 my bathroom has been completed for a month now, and #3 my last Spring Cleaning post was a month ago! Time sure does fly!

A little background info- my younger brother and I share a bathroom. When we first moved in the house, the bathroom had wallpaper with stripes, so we kept it and matched our shower curtains to it. We’ve had bright (red, blue, green, yellow) fishies on a shower curtain, and a wonderful map of the world as a shower curtain. Last year, mom bought us a new shower curtain… brown. It didn’t match at all but bro loved it because it was more “manly” than the bright ones we had used in the past. So then mom started buying us towels for the bathroom… brown, white, light green. Once I moved back home in December, I KNEW it was time to give the bathroom a makeover! And finally, in April, I got around to doing so.

Let me just say that I am by no means a perfect painter. I am 5ft. 5in. so it proved difficult painting the ceiling, or painting the far corners of the bathroom walls. But because of my size, it was easy to paint around the toilet. (which was a pain) After four full days of priming & painting, I did a few touchups, and then started putting the bathroom “back together.” Whew, lots of work!

Day 1- I painted the ceiling. Twice. Just to make sure it was covered. We have a popcorn ceiling so that was frustrating because it got all over me.

taping everything up!

painting around the shower head proved to be a little awkward with a roller
And see that hole in the ceiling to the right? Darn popcorn…

Day 2- I primed the walls. Three coats of primer. Took FOREVER because I had to tape down at the ceiling first. I used too much tape in the whole bathroom!

after a coat or two of primer

Day 3- I painted the walls. One coat, two coats, three coats.

Day 4- touchups! Then putting it all back together & cleaning up. Let me just say that the shower was so clean it was glistening. I scrubbed the mess out of it and it was so fresh and so clean clean.

proof of all the tape :p

floor shot

new brown trashcan, toilet scrubber, and accent wash rags!

This is the most accurate picture of the color… it’s more warm and not as plain as it appears in the other pictures đŸ™‚

that giant hole in the wall behind the door? yeah, it’s eventually going to be made into a closet for all our towels!

I am such a nerd but I was so happy to be done painting! (And to have a clean bathroom!)

Although it may not appear perfect, I am satisfied with the “spring cleaning” that was done in our bathroom. Have you had any room makeovers recently???

PS: Today, lots of my good friends graduated from North Greenville University. Congratulations, y’all!!!


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